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The man arrested for loving his bicycle

bicycleRobert Stewart is an nice old man from Scotland who likes bicycles just a little too much for the law. It seems that he was discovered in his hotel room by two housekeepers in October of last year…

On Wednesday Mr Stewart admitted to sexual breach of the peace in Ayr Sheriff Court, where depute fiscal Gail Davidson described how he had been found by the hostel workers.

She said: “They knocked on the door several times and there was no reply.

“They used a master key to unlock the door and they then observed the accused wearing only a white T-shirt, naked from the waist down.

Both witnesses, who were extremely shocked, notified the hotel manager, who in turn alerted the police.

Mr Stewart was placed on the sex offenders’ register but his sentence was deferred until next month.

Bicycle lover

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It could be worse, this Australian guy was caught with a vacuum cleaner.


I have never given it too much thought, but I wonder if you were alone on a desert island what inanimate object would you want to be alone with?

Desert Island Friend

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

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