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Where the UFO’s are

UFOThe kind people at scifi channel have been good enough to make a map correlating the US map with UFO reports. It raises some serious questions and some pretty retarded ones too.
USA population density

  • Aliens like the west coast better – probably due to better advertising – or possibly higher
  • Preferred landing spots of UFOs are concentrated in the states of New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, the three coastal states and Nevada – with a spike around, of course, Area 51.

USA population density
Comparing the UFO sightings map to the US population map does raise a few interesting questions. Are aliens afraid of big cities, or maybe areas with too much light in the sky make it difficult to confuse things in the sky for UFOs. There is probably some kind of correlation but not sure what it is, probably does involve boredom of some kind or another.

One presidential candidate – and US Congressman has claimed to have seen a UFO – but his district has a pretty low UFO sighting number:
Dennis Kucinich’s Ohio District.

Dennis Kucinich’s presidential campaign website

Kucinich Sees UFO

News Article

Just for reference – what people believe in…
Other things people believe in

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

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