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Wood chipper claims another life

Deadly WoodchipperI thought Fargo was a totally lame movie but was worth sitting through for the wood chipper incident alone. Over the past 10 years these killers have claimed 31 lives. Talk about jobs that Americans don’t want to do, being around these monsters would qualify.

Each year sharks kill between 4 and 8 people, but they don’t roam down your streets looking for victims.

TUSTIN – Workers safety regulators are investigating the death of a person who fell into a wood chipper while working in a Tustin cul-de-sac Wednesday afternoon.

Police officers discovered the grisly scene on the 2600 block of Palmetto Avenue just after 4 p.m., finding a person stuck in the wood chipper’s machinery, authorities said. It is unclear whether it was a man or a woman who fell into the mobile wood chipper, said Tustin police Lt. John Strain.

Investigators from the California Occupational and Safety Health Administration are on-scene, reviewing the accident scene and interviewing witnesses.

Police did not know whether the person who was killed was working as an independent contractor or working for a company.

A total of 31 people died as a result of wood chipper accidents between 1992 and 2002, according to a 2005 Journal of the American Medical Association report.

Mobile wood chippers are used to shred branches and tree trimmings into mulch. Branches are fed into a chute where rotating blades crush the wood.

While an efficient way to quickly reduce large branches into tiny pieces, the machinery poses a huge danger to workers, who can become caught in the blades and pulled into the rotating blades or struck by the machine’s hood while it is being opened or closed while the blades are still moving, according to the JAMA report.

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Death by woodchipper

Death by woodchipper

Some other wood chipper deaths:

December 29, 2005: Colorado Man dies in wood chipper accident

December 1, 2004: Florida DeLand Man Killed After Falling Into Commercial Mulcher

November 8, 2004: San Jose, California S.J. man, 19, dies after legs get caught in wood chipper

April 30, 2004: Tampa, Florida Worker killed trying to clear clogged wood chipper

September 29, 2003: Suit Filed in Wood-Chipper Death

A tree service employee was killed when she was pulled into the machine.

June 1, 1999: Employee Dies In Wood Chipper Accident

So please join with me to help stop the killing and ban wood chippers from claiming another victim:
Petition to ban wood chippers

Help stop another killing like this one, America must pull out of wood chipper land immediately – it is not worth another drop of American blood! Help redeploy the wood chippers today and sign the petition.

New Windsor – An immigrant from Guatemala working for a tree-cutting service was sucked into a wood chipper and killed yesterday.

The accident happened just after 11 a.m. behind a home on Park Road in the Beaver Dam Lake section of New Windsor.

Police identified the victim as Julio Hernandez, 42, of Highland Mills, an employee of Timber Care Tree Service, based in Campbell Hall.

Supervisor George Meyers said the owner of the tree service and Hernandez were clearing land behind the home. The owner was up in a tree chopping off limbs and dropping them to Hernandez below, who was putting them into a commercial wood chipper.

When the owner heard the wood chipper stop operating, he climbed down to investigate.

He found a gruesome scene – one of Hernandez’s hands was sticking out of the machine.

“His whole body got stuck in the machine,” Meyers said.

The owner called for help and police, Mobile Life Support Services and the Salisbury Mills Fire Department all responded, but authorities said there was nothing they could have done.

“It was an instant death,” said Orange County Coroner Kevin Quigley, who pronounced the victim dead at the scene.

Police Chief Michael Biasotti said the owner didn’t see exactly what happened and there were no other witnesses. Quigley said Hernandez “could have been dragged in by the branches,” but there was no way to tell for certain. Officials said there was some indication that Hernandez went in feet first, but that could not be confirmed.

The tree service’s owner, whose name could not be learned last night, was “devastated” by Hernandez’s death, Biasotti said.

May 2005

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

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