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Jesus found in suitcase

Jesus suitcaseJesus has been found in grilled cheese sandwiches, rust stains and all manners of unusual places – recently he was found hiding in a suitcase when the driver was been detained by Customs and Border Protection officers after a failed smuggling attempt. This would explain why so many Mexicans are Catholic, and cross the border. I mean for his sake if even he’s crossing the border illegally there has to be something really, really wrong going on down there.

Another thing that just doesn’t make sense to me is why he would be going on foot hiding in a suitcase if he could walk on water anyway.

The discovery came during a stop at the Paso del Norte port of entry on Tuesday. The large suitcase was in the back seat of a car.

The driver, 42-year-old Martin Enriquez Hernandez of Denver, was charged with alien smuggling.

The man in the suitcase, 26-year-old Jesus Ivan Payan Estrada of Chihuahua, Mexico, was taken into custody on re-entry after deportation charges.

Customs officials said the main in the bag was 5-foot-7, and weighs about 160 pounds.

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In February 2006, Mike Thompson of Ohio claimed to have found the image of Jesus on his breakfast pancake and immediately listed it for sale on Ebay. His listing got nationwide media coverage and reached a high bid of just under $15,000. The pancake was subsequently proven to be a hoax produced by the use of the “Jesus pan” available at jesuspan.com.

Jesus Toast

Around the same time that the Thompson pancake surfaced, a man named Juan Patrano of Texas claimed to have found the face of Jesus etched in his frying pan. The pan, as of yet, has not been listed on Ebay, but the owner says he is considering it.

Jesus Toast

The most well known recent sighting is the Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich found by Diana Duyser of Florida. Mrs. Duyser claims to have kept the sandwich on her nightstand for over 10 years, during which time she had excellent luck at the casinos. The fact that the sandwich has remained mold-free is considered, by some, to be proof of the sandwich’s miraculous nature. In 2004 the grilled cheese sandwich was listed for sale on Ebay, where the partially eaten sandwich was bought by Golden Palace Casino for $28,000.

Richard Rowe, CEO of GoldenPalace.com says of the purchase by the online casino, “We will definitely use the sandwich to raise money for charity, and we hope it will raise people’s spirits as well … With the massive amount of hits on the eBay site and thousands of search engine queries, it is obvious that this is something people want to know more abo … and Golden Palace will help spread the word. We believe that everyone should be able to see it and learn of its mystical power for themselves.”

Jesus Toast

Golden Palace Casino which operates an online casino at GoldenPalace.com has purchased many odd objects on eBay for use as promotional material. Among these are many object of paranormal, religious, and mysterious origins.

In March of 2006, Golden Palace Casino purchased a piece of firewood with the image of the Virgin Mary on it. The log was purchased on eBay for $99 from a woman named “Faith” from Jainsville, Wisconsin.

Also in March of 2006, Golden Palace Casino purchased the Virgen De Guadalupe Tree in Dallas Texas. The purchase was made, again, through eBay. A Spokesman for GoldenPalace.com said, “GoldenPalace.com will continue to encourage visitors to witness this phenomenon, and it will also make a great addition to our collection of divine paraphernalia … Thousands have been to see the tree and the eBay webpage received over 10,000 visitors. Obviously this is something that people believe in and they are affected by it. We hope that our acquisition of the tree will increase its exposure and help to share it with the world.”

Golden Palace Casino has made quite a name for themselves by purchasing paranormal oddities on eBay, and their collection seems to be continually growing. To list every item that they have purchased in the last few years would be exhausting, so if you want to see more eBay treasures purchased by GoldenPalace.com.

Jesus vs. Santa on South Park

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

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