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Facebook costs fairy a job

Fired fairyKevin Colvin, former intern at Anglo Irish Bank emailed into work about a family emergency. Then after making what can only be described as a terrifying costume choice fairy Kevin posted pictures of himself on his facebook account. One of his co workers was kind enough to make his superiors aware of his Halloween activities.

Email from Kevin

Email from Kevin

Email from superior

I think he should have been forgiven for missing work, but fired for his costume choice.


Peter Pan says hi
Peter Pan called Kevin and offered him a job but for some reason it only paid in roses, anyway I am sure he will find a new job somewhere.

Hopefully he won’t be as desperate as some of the other unemployed fairies and characters out of work after Disney films…
Unemployed Characters

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

News Category: Humor, Retarded, Technerd



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