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22,173 save Wiki

Donate WikiOnly you and almost thirty thousand like you can save Wiki. No not the Wiki the killer whale from Marineland in France, the online dictionary where people can change history to implicate various people with assassinating John F Kennedy. What is it that Wiki wants to do with your cash you ask?

Donate to Wiki
We can make Wikipedia available in developing countries through DVDs, books and pamphlets. Wow so Wiki is going to save the world by burning the internet to DVD and printing it – awesome!
Download the Net
So much for the paperless office…

If you are inspired to give cash right now for some reason do it now at Donate Now.

Now before I get five million people whose sole accomplishment in life is going through the web and proofing the wiki, it is cool and I do use it, but with the planet about to end maybe we should be setting our sites on something else?

Free Willy was cool, and we all like Wiki – so let’s go save Wiki the whale.

Free Wiki

Wiki is a captive killer whale living imprisoned in Marineland Antibes, France.

Marineland France
Marineland France

She was born in June of 2001 and Wiki, sometimes spelled Wikie, measures about 13.4 feet (April 2006). She is by some accounts the very playful and her mother Sharkane was captured off of Iceland – where she belongs with her family!

Wiki the poor trapped whale.

On the other hand, that movie was a bit lame and those giant animals can eat a 350 pound dolphin, so reality is never quite as greeting card as in the movies. The real life Willy, Keiko, wound up just dying of pneumonia who would have thought an animal use to captivity in a warm pool in Mexico wouldn’t just flourish in the freezing waters off of Norway.

Bad Ending
Or worse…

On second thought I think I will just skip giving my money to anyone and just spend it where I was going to anyway…

Supporting single mothers who are down on their luck.

Better charity

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

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