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Dollar officially less cool than the euro – being used by rappers in videos

Euro now coolerRappers have always had four staples in their videos since Michael Jackson pop music quit being cool around the time he quit being white. You could always count on seeing cash, large bottomed females, expensive looking junk and some kind of reference to committing crimes. Sadly American cash could be going the same way as the way of the gloved one. Rapper Jay-Z has left the American greenback in favor of the Euro in his latest video.

Dollar no longer cool
Back in the good old days we had the dollar and the cottage cheesed video vixen.

Dollar no longer cool
Now that the Italians have quit printing their money faster than junk mail we don’t have the lira to make fun of anymore.

Dollar no longer cool
At least we can look back fondly on the days where the dollar was still cool.

Dollar no longer cool
We do have a pretty good idea who’s fault all of this was though. The fact that virtually every country in the world can produce goods at lower costs does create underlying problems that no political spin can really overcome unfortunately. In September of 2007 the trade deficit was over 56 billion dollars. With the looming foreclosure storm the dollars value is likely to go down even further.

Bernake air dropping cash
Bernanke could air drop 100 dollar bills across America lower the interest ratest to zero and that still wouldn’t fix all of the dollar’s fundamental issues.

Dollar no longer cool
On the plus side we still have girls to look at between shots of scary looking criminal people.

In a video for the movie “American Gangster,” hip-hop maestro Jay-Z thumbs through a wad of 500-euro notes on a night of cruising through the concrete canyons of New York, a city where the euro isn’t legal tender. The euro gained against the dollar today as European economic growth in the third quarter accelerated more than forecast.

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The video in question…

Dollar no longer cool
Shot of the Euros in the video – just in case you don’t want to sit through it.

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

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