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World champion speedwalker attacked by Samurai

Samurai AttackWatching Japanese TV makes me wish I had a big budget or any budget at all to do stupid things on video. That and that those perfect bodied anime chicks were real and less boring. Anyway this Japanese TV show Spring of Trivia plays a cruel joke on racewalking champion Jefferson Perez. They wanted to see what would happen if Perez was attacked by a gang of sword-wielding samurai: would he rely on his expert racewalking skills to get away, or would he simply run away?

The film crew had spent some time with Perez earlier that day, rigging a TV set to air a fake news report about samurai attacks. Perez seemed somewhat disturbed by the news report, and the film crew told him some BS about how samurai attacks were a major problem in Japan. Perez apparently believed them because he ran like Marion Jones on steroids when they came after him.

The video

Samurai attack

News Article

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

News Category: Humor, Pranks, Retarded



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