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Lottery winner escapes unwanted life

Lottery Winner new lifeAll Donna Campbell has left of her husband is pictures and broken dreams or at least the sad story she and her lawyer are telling. The poor guy finally wins big after years of racking up gambling debts and does what any unhappily married ran would do with lots of cash – runs like the wind. Since winning the lottery he took a leave from work according to his co-workers and has avoided going home so far alluding people trying to serve him on his wife’s lawsuit.

Donna Campbell became suspicious of her husband, Arnim Ramdass, when he started to keep the television turned off and disconnected the phone line. Her suspicions rose when she found a postcard about a new home purchase.

Old Life
Donna Campbell and her lawyer.

But Campbell was unaware that her husband was hiding a $10.2 million secret from her until she Googled her husband’s name. She found a Florida lottery press release that named 17 airline mechanics who won the jackpot, her husband was one of them. The 17 mechanics took the winnings lump sum and each received around six hundred thousand – which is apparently is enough to buy you a new life. Just you though, a wife with unfettered access to credit cards following a lottery jackpot would run far more.

This poor man didn’t do anything any husband wouldn’t think of he just had acted out on a male’s natural impulse to flee commitment. Poor Arnim Ramdass could be seen as a victim here. Not just for fleeing from alimony but for having to contend with his name. Who could put up with a name like Ramdass? Growing up this poor guy must have been the torment from other children must have been unrelenting. Being married and being named after a victim of prison based sexual assault would be more than any of us could endure.

A new name and a fresh start on life are yours, and being a degenerate gambler Arnim probably owed bookies more than 600K anyway. Wherever you are Mr. Ramdass we salute you, under the exact same circumstances I would have done the same thing. Granted I would have changed my name sooner but gambling debts can rob anyone of the funds necessary to pay for a name change.

What is even more troubling however is a simple google on the name Ramdass and Lottery will give you multiple results. Apparently his mother or possibly even his first wife won a lotter in Indiana:

Old Life
Could this a part of some wider conspiracy with the lottery being rigged – how many people could possibly be named Ramdass anyway?

News Article


TALLAHASSEE — The Florida Lottery announced today that FLORIDA LOTTO™ winner Ibis #17, LLC of Miami, claimed the June 20 estimated $19 million FLORIDA LOTTO jackpot.

Ibis #17, a group of 17 co-workers, chose the one time, lump-sum payment for their winnings in the amount of $10,182,057.39. The members of the company are Arnim Richardson, Ralph Bizily, Eddie Nieves, Gregory Ellenberger, Fernando Upegui, John Mora, Wendall Farley, Jorge Rodriguez, Mario Enriquez, Jose Lopez, Miguel Ramirez, Viviana Colque, Theophilus Clarke, Janelle Ramdass, Calvin Carter, Danny Holcomb and Cynthia Rodriguez. The winning FLORIDA LOTTO ticket was purchased at the Kwik Stop on 8300 S.W. 124 Street in Pinecrest.

The retailer received a bonus incentive of $30,000 for selling the jackpot winning ticket.

The winning numbers were:

06 – 31 – 34 – 44 – 45 – 49

Total ticket sales for this jackpot generated approximately $12.8 million for the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund (EETF). Since 1988, the Florida Lottery has contributed more than $17 billion to the EETF, benefiting our students and schools, as well as funding more than 850,000 Bright Futures scholarships. By a two-to-one margin, Florida voters in 1986 approved a constitutional amendment authorizing the state to operate a Lottery for the purpose of generating significant additional moneys for education. Not to mention addicting thousands to gambling, which provides even further tax revenues in casinos throughout the country.

Florida Lottery

News Article

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

News Category: Humor, News, Retarded


9 Responses to “Lottery winner escapes unwanted life”

  1. […] iqah wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptLottery Winner new life All Donna Campbell has left of her husband is pictures and broken dreams or at least the sad story she and her lawyer are telling. The poor guy finally wins big after years of racking up gambling debts and does … […]

  2. Mrs. Campbell most surely deserves half of Mr. Campbell’s lottery ticket. He admittedly used marital funds to purchase the winning lottery ticket. He had been purchasing lottery tickets for years. Since community marital funds were used for the winning ticket, Mrs. Campbell deserves half of the winnings.

    Judy Cimma on 20 Nov 2007 at 5:32 pm
  3. Dear Ms. Cimma,
    How do you know he was using marital funds to play the lottery. I know lots of men who hands their wives their paycheck and are given an allowance for their lunch of fun money. If he chooses to buy lottery tickets with it then I think it’s belongs to him and should only share if he wants to. I would hope that being married to Ms. Campbell would mean that he cares enough for her to want to share. I don’t think any of us if given an allowance and uses it to buy something for ourselves (shoes, purses, clothes) would want to share. I know that seems simplistic, but it holds the same value. It seems that when it’s stuff like that it justifies holding on to it, but when it comes to money it must be shared no matter what the original agreement is between two people. Just a thought to think on, also I could be full of it. 🙂

    Tricia on 21 Nov 2007 at 12:20 am
  4. Judy, by “marital funds,” you mean the money that Arnim Ramdass earned and shared with his wife. I realize the law sees it differently, but rightfully, the money he earns and wins is his money and Campbell deserves no more of it than he would voluntarily give to her.

    Ann Cole on 21 Nov 2007 at 9:32 pm
  5. […] Check it out! While looking through the blogosphere we stumbled on an interesting post today.Here’s a quick excerptAll Donna Campbell has left of her husband is pictures and broken dreams or at least the sad story she and her lawyer are telling. The poor guy finally wins big after years of racking up gambling debts and does what any unhappily … […]

  6. I think some of you guys need to look up the definition of “marital funds.” Any money you bring into that house is marital funds. There is no such thing as “sharing if he wants to.” He gave all that up when he said “I do.” If he was rich when they got married, that’s different. But she probably married him for love when he was jus another broke schmuck. Even if she is only a housewife, whatever she does in that home contributes to his being available to go out every day and make a living. And have you ever read any of the estimates of what wife- and mother-hood is actually worth monetarily (think combination full-time prostitute/live-in housekeeper/wet-nurse/nanny/chaufer/accountant)? It’s in the six figures. And you’re gonna tell me she’s not entitled to the spoils of him contorting the family budget for years? Get a grip!
    Anyway, this guy is totally stupid. He won $600,000.00. After taxes that will be about $400,000.00. Now, instead of getting the benefits of all of that money while living at home with his wife, he gets to be by himself with half of that – $200,000.00. If he is an airline mechanic, that’s probably less than three years’ salary – totally not worth it. Plus now he’ll loose half of what he already owned in the divorce settlement. He’ll be worse off than he was before. What an idiot!

    Steven on 06 Dec 2007 at 3:22 am



    Miami, Florida

    American Airlines mechanic and Florida Lotto jackpot winner Arnim Ramdass stayed on the run today, hiding from the Miami Dade Police while this month his deserted wife nearly bled to death in their foreclosed Miami area home.

    Ramdass, who won a multi-million dollar jackpot in June 2007, was quickly splashed all over the international media when his wife Donna Campbell exposed his scheme to defraud her, by not sharing the Lotto marital asset while fleeing the couple’s home.

    Ramdass has engineered a complex web of maneuvers to turn his wife’s life into a living hell, leaving her in economic ruin, while he bobs, weaves and hides with the Lotto treasure.

    Just Some of Donnas’ Real Life Inferno:

    * Within months of the Ramdass disappearance, her story received celebrity level coverage in print, the Internet and TV. Donna endured a mock courtroom hearing on Fox News’ Geraldo where Mark Fuhrman and Mark Geragos expressed adamantly that they supported the Ramdass “win and bolt” strategy all the while knowing nothing of the case details.

    * Employing process servers, doing intensive background checks, issuing summonses and pleadings with the MIAMI-DADE COUNTY AIRPORT POLICE, Donna continues to embark on a two year long quest to simply serve her husband civil court and divorce pleadings. Ramdass has yet to be served.

    * AMERICAN AIRLINES CREDIT UNION failed to serve Ramdass for the Miami home foreclosure proceedings.

    * Donna remains in shock that the MIAMI-DADE COUNTY AIRPORT POLICE cannot serve this American Airlines mechanic who works full time at the American Airlines Miami International Airport facility.
    * Feeling like she had hit rock bottom, Donna watched in horror as Ramdass suddenly showed up at her home with another American Airlines employee and a moving truck to remove the washer and dryer forcing her to do laundry by hand. “He also removed the living room furniture and the bedroom set” Donna said. “Now I sleep on the floor.”
    * Multiple medical problems which scream “Help Me” put Donnas’ life at risk while she can scrounge up only pennies to survive day to day.

    * The medical horror nearly exploded in a tragic end earlier this month as Donna bled uncontrollably from a gynecological tumor and required emergency surgery to stop the hemorrhaging. Donna was “discharged to home” from the hospital without assistance from social services only to return to a foreclosed home which she will be locked out of within days having no place to go.

    * During a recent hospital stay, to intensify her hardship, Donna’s lawyer Sara Saba, Esq. withdrew from Donna’s case for no legal reason.

    “I will be locked out of my home within days”, said Ms. Campbell, former Trinidad and Tobago Beauty Queen. “I must find him now! In the last three months, I have made four trips to the Emergency Room due to uterine hemorrhaging. I also have anemia, hypertension, COPD and an autoimmune disease for which I require photochemotherapy. I cannot afford treatments or doctor visits. I have no money. My husband has sabotaged my life!”, she added.

    Wife of nearly 5 years to Florida Lotto Winner Arnim Ramdass, Donna Campbell has struggled mightily in the legal system. She recounts the following events of the past few weeks:

    “Without an attorney to assist me, I went before Family Court Judge Bernard Shapiro in Miami, representing myself, while actively bleeding heavily from my uterus and almost unable to stand up due to terrible fatigue from the hemorrhaging. I pled to get relief from the court and again was DENIED because my husband had not been served. “Hopeless again, I had to return to the hospital still sick and bleeding.”

    “Then, just last week after my hospital discharge, I went before another South Florida court to ask Judge Jack Tuter to issue a continuance or extension on the foreclosure, but again was DENIED.”

    SOMEONE PLEASE HELP DONNA as she is unable to afford the luxuries of legal representation. Anyone reading this article that may know his whereabouts or can assist please reach her directly via email dlaguerre@gmail.com

    donna campbell on 23 Nov 2009 at 7:20 am
  8. A very good post. I really love to play lottery and raffles since young age and would say that is one of the most quick way to make money. I am regular reader of latest news on lottery etc. and just subscribed the same for your blog. You have indeed very beautifully outlined the importance of lottery. Once again thanks for this valuable post.

    lottery winner on 08 Jul 2011 at 6:38 am
  9. This happened in 2007 and Donna struggled until 2009, I heard about her case on youtube. Whatever happened to her? Hope her husband chokes on his cash.

    Joanne on 14 Nov 2011 at 2:16 pm

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