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Hillary Clinton romantically linked to celebrity

There are often coincidences that only hindsight can help to clarify and through some pretty clean and clear observations, you will see that Hillary Clinton is positioning herself strategically throughout her compaign tour in order to get together with a Howard Stern Show employee, Artie Lange.

Though the starting point in their relationship has not been determined, it is to unlikely that their paths would cross so many times over the course of time that you will see. If you believe this to be true, perhaps you can help investigate and discover the first time they met and when they decided to plan events to coincide with each other.

Hillary’s schedule is preset by her planners and handlers in order to best help her to win the election.

Artie’s schedule is made by his people, but with the art form of comedy only needing a stage he is able to better choose his locations.

Artie has been quiet about details on his relationship though he has mentioned a woman that he has seen on more than one occasion, deferring details. If this was the relationship, it would make sense why he is avoiding details, in order to protect the election chances of Hillary. Since Hillary and Bill have an open marriage, one would guess that this isn’t a problem with the spouse which might help ease the affair feeling that Artie would otherwise feel.

Hillary’s schedule might start limiting her ability to spend time with Artie, which would mean that hearing less of Artie’s scheduled appearances and dating details might start to clear things up a little more.

Skeptics will surely point out that Hillary is a rich successful woman and would surely be able to do far better than some fat slob like Artie Lange. Then again she was into Bubba, and maybe chasing after fat people runs in the household.

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Posted By: Michael Sharpe

News Category: Humor, Political


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