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Ask the admin why he likes being punked

Wow, it’s been such a long time since we’ve heard from Karl, a.k.a. Ask The Admin. Apparently it was a slow day today and he decided that he should bring an old story back to life.

To start with Karl, I just want to correct you as we are not a "bunch of Retards", we are actually a horde of Retards. Next, I don’t think that we actually made a spoof of you or your site. We did speak positively about you and said that you helped us out in different ways. Whether it’s true or not about you helping us out, it was not meant to be considered a spoof. Actually, the horde mass in the spoof department was busy working on other things (like "Question the Retard" and "Confuse the slow kids").

The mass legion consensus is that you actually might not know what SEO stands for, so we searched online to get you an answer and found that it doesn’t stand for Super Excellent Orgasms but actually Search Engine Optimization, which got the remaining conscious legion multitude to wonder why you would think that you would do anyone a favor besides your own site by using such a sick and twisted name in an attempt to direct traffic to our site. Funny though, your site comes up first while looking up that search phrase, nice.

SEO failure

The cool thing about Karl is that nobody really knows if he’s as smart as he portrays to be or just searches for answers. Either way, Karl, this link is for you: welcome fellow retard

Oh ya, and the slowest in our multitude pack, I mean horde, tells us that when a cell phone gets wet you shouldn’t use rice (send the rice to Angelina Jolie’s children). The proper method would be:

  • remove the battery and the SIM (just in case you want to save that information);
  • use something without a large surface area (toothbrush) to re-wet the area of the phone electronics that previously got wet;
  • now use some sort of alcohol-based cleaning agent (not gasoline and not drinking alcohol) and go over the previously wet area.

The purpose of the alcohol is to have something can overcome liquid-phase intermolecular forces and has a high vapor pressure at ordinary temperatures. Sorry, I mean the reason for alcohol is that it goes by-by fast.

It was nice hearing from you Karl. Retard Zone readers should visit Karl at his website so they can ask questions instead of looking up the answers online, Karl is a master search engine user!

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Posted By: Michael Sharpe

News Category: Humor, Tips & Tricks



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