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The cost of scaring people

don't scare meSure I love a good prank just as much as the next guy if not more, but you might want to think twice before you scare some people. It’s possible this kid grew up in a bad neighborhood and every time someone surprised him there was some kind of mugging or violent attack. On the plus side at least the kid wasn’t armed… Continue Reading »

Japanese make retarded concept cars

Retarded Japanese Concept CarsFar be it from me to make fun of a country whose currency isn’t losing value faster than Britney Spears loses weight between fat binges. American cars are riding the slow bus when compared to the Japanese auto industry as well, so when I see these concept cars it makes me wonder. Have the Japanese finally gone over the line with their new cars and just strayed into retard territory?
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Britney Spears is officially retarded/handicapped

Retarded BritneyMother of the year and professional lip syncer Britney Spears is now handicapped. Or at least that’s where she’s parking – so she is either illegally parking or officially on the dating radar for retardzone. She was getting a tan so that does count as an emergency. Continue Reading »

Wood chipper claims another life

Deadly WoodchipperI thought Fargo was a totally lame movie but was worth sitting through for the wood chipper incident alone. Over the past 10 years these killers have claimed 31 lives. Talk about jobs that Americans don’t want to do, being around these monsters would qualify.
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Beer consumed through smell alone

drink smell beerGuys are kinda dumb and they really like beer, sometimes it smells good and doesn’t taste so good. If only there were a way to smell it but not have to taste it… Wait a second this clever drunk Russian guy has figured out a solution. Continue Reading »

Underground kayaking

Underground KayakingThe underground Russian tunnel system covers thousands of miles under the city and young Russians have taken to exploring the system. If you can stomach the smell of the sewage there are abandoned caves and thousands of miles of tunnels to explore in this eerie underworld. Continue Reading »

Email yourself later

email yourself laterSomeone who wishes to remain anonymous (Robert Stevens from San Antonio, TX) told me about a site which would allow me to email myself, in the future. When in the future you ask? Well according to the online web form, I can email myself on any date from January 1, 2007 through December 31, 2037. Of course there are some problems with this idea.
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Michael Jackson first white person on cover of Ebony magazine

Jackson on EbonyThere are so many things wrong with Michael Jackson gracing the cover I can’t begin to count. On the plus side is is racially inclusive that Ebony magazine is now featuring white people, and it’s kind of opening up a new audience for their magazine. Just think of all the Catholic priests, white people, circus animals, and his few million crazy fans will read the magazine for the first time. Continue Reading »

The benefits of ruining your life

ruining lifeThinking about getting married? This could be the most important mistake decision you will make in your life. There are some benefits, some risks and some potential rewards. Take a quick retarded view on matrimonial bliss and weigh your options before making the plunge to the death of your single life. Continue Reading »

The United States is doomed

The United States is DoomedAlex Carey wrote: “… the 20th century has been characterized by three developments of great political importance: The growth of democracy, the growth of corporate power, and the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy.” Continue Reading »

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