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The remains of an American Diner icon: Johnnies Drive In

Johnnies Drive InJohnnie’s broiler is an abandoned coffee shop / drive in located in Downey, CA. The Los Angeles Conservancy’s Modern Committee, the California Historic Resources Commission voted unanimously to include Johnie’s Broiler in the Register of Historic Places. Sadly, the current owners demolished the the landmark without a permit using illegal alien laborers from a nearby Home Depot. Continue Reading »

Disney’s Peter Pan died a drug addicted homeless person

Peter PanThe 1953 Disney feature Peter Pan not only used the voice of actor Bobby Driscoll but he served as the model for the animated character. Disney’s Peter Pan had a sad ending in real life, drug addiction led to homelessness. At age 31 his body was discovered by two children playing in a tenement building in New York.
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Subway pole dancers

subway pole dancersSubway riders are lucky they have don’t have to buy ten dollar per gallon gas and a free lifetime supply of human effluence. Now some lucky riders get to go home smelling like desperate single mothers with drug addictions and a lack of self respect. I’ve heard that pole dancing is the latest exercise craze but still have the feeling that the only person who is going to expose themselves to me on the subway is going to be wearing a trench coat and be a former boy scout troop master. Continue Reading »

Taking rental truck off-roading

Rented TruckA couple of weeks ago when it was raining pretty heavily I rented a truck because my car was in the shop. I paid extra for the full coverage on top of my existing insurance which pretty much gave me insurance super powers. Armed with my ring of insurance invulnerability I couldn’t pass up running over anything that wasn’t moving…
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Yo yo ninja

yo yo ninjaYuuki Specer demonstrates his yo you ninja skills at the World yo-yo contest 2007. Sadly his parents wanted him to max out his SAT’s and play the piano or something but little Yuuki wanted to grow up to be a yo yo ninja. Check out his freestyle ninja skills or save 2 minutes of your life for anything more interesting. Continue Reading »

Politically correct wrapping paper

Politically Correct Wrapping PaperHaving a company Christmas Holiday Party but don’t want to offend anyone. Why not try wrapping your gift in politically correct wrapping paper. Without that monster Santa Claus, Christmas Trees, snow or anything that would or could offend anyone your options are somewhat limited… Continue Reading »

The positive effects of global warming

90210Sure we might all be killed by global warming, and I seriously doubt paving over the rain forest with strip malls
is good for the long term health of the planet but lets try and look on the bright (and warmer) side of things. I’m a glass is half full kind of guy so lets all take a moment and try to focus on the postitive effects of global warming…
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Middle Eastern man screaming Allahu Akbar goes nuts on airplane

Ryder riding a dummyA South Asian man screaming “Allahu Akbar” and “f***ing white people” freaks out on what appears to be an Air Canada flight. He yells at other passengers to “Shoot me! Shoot me!” He’s gently restrained by several large men while he appears to have a panic attack or (less likely statistically) a dissociative episode.
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Inside an abandoned California hospital

#Between 1993 and 2003 60 hospitals in California closed their doors. The Community Hospital in Granada Hills opened in 1965 was just one of those and shuttered it’s doors in August of 2003. I always wondered what it would look like to see inside the doors of one of those closed hospitals… Continue Reading »

Reserve your ticket to heaven today

Ticket to HeavenIn what is the perfect Christmas present for yourself or friends who believe in the afterlife purchase your ticket to heaven online. Why bother doing any good deeds, or wasting your Sunday afternoons when you could be watching football or out doing something more fun. This online site offers a money back guaranteed all access pass to the pearly gates for only $24.95.
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