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Monster menagerie from The Mist

90210I thought one of the coolest trailers of the year was for the Stephen King movie ‘The Mist’ so I went to go see it with two of my best friends. I was unprepared for the menagerie of monsters that I was about to be confronted with. Most movies have just one monster, a shark, an alien with two sets of teeth or some wildly mutated animal – but not Mist. If you are even thinking about seeing this movie or have seen it and want to see the animal kingdom from the movie read more.

Tentacle Monster

90210 Green Scientific Name: Monasteriense plurestelum
Tentacle Length: About 40 feet
Description: Multiple tentacles enter from loading gate to devour Norm the bag boy. This particular creature is never seen again and only the tentacles from this monster are ever seen.
Retarded Facts: When the severed tentacle is poked it rapidly turns into a foul smelling liquid, willing to eat dog food.
Body Count: 1 confirmed kill
Retard Factor: Retard FactorRetard FactorRetard Factor

Dinosaur Monster

90210 Green Scientific Name: Ingens ridiculum
Height: 240 feet
Description: This six legged behemoth would dwarf a blue whale and stood taller than any land creature found in the age of the dinosaurs. When seen in the end of the movie the SUV is around the ankle of this walking skyscraper.
Retarded Facts: Largest imaginary creature monster in film history. In the book this creature is described as having hundreds of the "bugs" attached to them. Would need to consume a few hundred dozen people per day to stave off starvation. Much less talkative than the more realistic looking trees from the Return of the King.
Body Count: 0 confirmed kills
Retard Factor: Retard FactorRetard FactorRetard FactorRetard FactorRetard Factor

Wasp Monster

90210 Green Scientific Name: Magnus punctum
Length: 19 inches
Description: Apparently attracted to light these large flying wasp monsters have a very toxic neuro toxin causing massive swelling and death within a few minutes.
Retarded Facts: Unlike the American WASP these ones are not white. They are apparently afraid of crazy women but like to sting younger attractive ones.
Body Count: 1 confirmed kill
Retard Factor: Retard Factor

Spider Monster

90210 Green Scientific Name: Receptacle intellect
Length: 44 inches
Description: Covered in long hairs these spiders, like most movie monsters they lay their hundreds of eggs in live humans covered in webbing, that with movie magic take less than a day to hatch.
Retarded Facts: They shoot acid laden webs up to 20 feet that will cut through human flesh like butter. On a happier note they have a disarmingly happy looking skull face.
Body Count: 12 confirmed kills
Retard Factor: Retard FactorRetard Factor

Pterodactyl Monster

90210 Green Scientific Name: Ales dinosauri
Height: 3 feet
Description: These clumsy yet lovable flying dinosaurs love to crash into things if they didn’t pull meat out of one Tom Smalley’s head. If it weren’t for that this cute little guy could have been easily the star of a happier film and have been adopted by some cute little girl.
Retarded Facts: The largest flying creature seen in the movie can eat a grown man but it took nearly a dozen passes at a window to break through it.
Body Count: 1 confirmed kill
Retard Factor: Retard FactorRetard FactorRetard Factor

Lobster Monster

90210 Green Scientific Name: Gammarus elephanti
Height: 50 feet
Description: Straight out of general casting at a bad 50s sci ft movie these lobster monsters love to scuttle around and take revenge on seafood eating humans.
Retarded Facts: An apparent wrestling match with a victim tied to a rope results in half the body being pulled away from this hungry monster.
Body Count: 4 confirmed kills
Retard Factor: Retard FactorRetard Factor

Christian Monster

90210 Green Scientific Name: Sarcalogos rabidus
Height: 5.5 feet
Description: Christian woman goes the opposite of Ned Flanders this woman goes insane and turns most of the grocery store into her own doomsday cult.
Retarded Facts: Hollywood outdoes itself in making fun of Christians with this one. Not only does she use the the religion to turn the mob into killing but before long she even wants to sacrifice the little boy in the movie. Talk about the opposite of the Christian right supporting our troops and right to life/family values.
Body Count: 1 confirmed kill
Retard Factor: Retard FactorRetard FactorRetard FactorRetard FactorRetard Factor

Monster Identification in video format (halfway through video)

You might want to save yourself ten bucks and wait this catastrophe comes out on disc. Until then you can satisfy your need for a planet full of unrealistic creatures by watching episodes one and two of this season’s south park – Imaginationland. The monsters in it were definitely more entertaining and less predictable.

South Park’s Imaginationland.

Yes there was a ‘stargate’ in Imaginationland and The Mist, a menagerie of monsters, the Army screwing things up and of course a silly ending. Who do we have to blame for this? Sadly the answer is Stephen King’s very success.

The steady income from Stephen King’s earlier successes have afforded him a nearly unlimited of pot resulting in countless hours and pages of meandering nonsensical stories…

What this movie really needed was a Steve Irwin like character – or heck the real one back from the dead to keep track of all the monster ecosystem from this movie. It would have added a laugh or two to this movie, which was sorely needed. After I left I had felt like I had just made a two hour trip to the grocery store, and not everyone made it the whole two hours either.
steve irwin

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

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