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Subway pole dancers

subway pole dancersSubway riders are lucky they have don’t have to buy ten dollar per gallon gas and a free lifetime supply of human effluence. Now some lucky riders get to go home smelling like desperate single mothers with drug addictions and a lack of self respect. I’ve heard that pole dancing is the latest exercise craze but still have the feeling that the only person who is going to expose themselves to me on the subway is going to be wearing a trench coat and be a former boy scout troop master.

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The one with the striped shirt was far and away the most acrobatic but the trashy one with a yellow shirt seemed like she would do anything to score some money fast so she might be your best option. Although if you are looking for a long term commitment the thirty something Jessica, the one dressed like a schoolgirl probably could use a green card marriage so choose wisely.

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

News Category: Humor, Retarded



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