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Video of Winona Ryder riding a mannequin

Ryder riding a dummyTroubled actress Winona Ryder whose career has been in a nose dive since her shoplifting incident has been on hiatus since 2001. The addiction and lack of work have apparently led her to do bad things, very bad things with a dummy. This latest fling is no ordinary Hollywood dummy this is an actual mannequin and not a very good looking one at that.
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Speed Racer movie looks craptastic

Speed RacerMovies being converted from cartoon to big screen films are pretty hit and miss. Speed Racer comes out May of 2008 but you can see the trailer here, and save ten bucks. I always liked speed racer and always call anyone hurrying by that name but based on what I see in the trailer I have serious reservations about seeing this one.
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Classified Al Qaeda tapes released, proving jihad is retarded

Retarded JihadWith many of it’s experienced leaders captured or killed Al Qaeda is facing a shortage of experienced terrorists. Happily many of the more intelligent ones have either been taken out or have decided the risks simply outweigh the rewards. Or maybe it was simply the rumor that there was a run on virgins in paradise, in any event the latest batch of terrorists are of lower quality than their predecessors.
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Chocolate Rain goes Hollywood

chocolate rainTay Zonday the guy who sounds like James Earl Jones but with an effeminate Clay Aiken vibe has gone Hollywood. Tay a graduate student became famous for recording this year’s macarena song, something so horrible it drives you insane but at the same time you keep hearing it your head. Basically it’s the musical equivalent of a virus or a car accident you can’t help staring at…
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Worlds most valuable religious symbol ever

90210Recently a rock with a cross in it was put up on e-bay and advertised as a the most valuable religious symbol on EBAY ever! Which made me wonder what if some of the most famous icons in the history of religion were to be sold what they would go for…

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Allen Iverson arrested on suspected toddler fighting charges

Allen Iverson ArrestedNBA Star Allen Iverson of the Denver Nuggets was arrested outside of his Denver home early Wednesday morning. Officials from the organization had no comment and the team is scheduled to play the Lakers later today. The Virginia native, was charged with felony and misdemeanor charges where police allege that systemic and organized abuse of children was conducted out of a day care center owned by Allen Iverson for the purposes of gambling.
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One less menorah candle for Hanukkah to save the world

Less CandlesEnvironmentalists are encouraging Jews and people who just like the menorah to light one less candle this Hanukkah. Not to be outdone Hamas is promising to light up one Jew this for each day of Hanukkah this holiday season.
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Retards race to make 100K in stock

retard stock raceTake two amateur stock investors, several days of not working to create a new site, ten thousand dollars and you have yourself the great retardtrader.com stock race. Michael and Lindsey are racing each other to each make one hundred thousand dollars and recording every step along the way.
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Monster menagerie from The Mist

90210I thought one of the coolest trailers of the year was for the Stephen King movie ‘The Mist’ so I went to go see it with two of my best friends. I was unprepared for the menagerie of monsters that I was about to be confronted with. Most movies have just one monster, a shark, an alien with two sets of teeth or some wildly mutated animal – but not Mist. If you are even thinking about seeing this movie or have seen it and want to see the animal kingdom from the movie read more.
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