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Final score on black hole question: Astrophysicist 1 Retard 4

Question AnsweredThroughout the web there are sites that allow anyone to answer questions, and just because you don’t really know what you are talking about you have every right to offer an opinion.
Question: What happens when a black hole meets another black hole of the same size? (and the range is near enough for both to engulf/suck in/take in the other)… Continue Reading »

First recorded Japanese basketball dunk / Olympic video

Asian OlympicsSure actual sports are cool, but what could be more fun than some guy pretending to win at every major Olympic sport in less than two minutes. In the real Olympics they can’t even announce the winners of something in under two minutes and now has more medaled events than countries in the world. This video was all I needed to watch of the Japanese Chinese Olympics, so I’m good ’til 2012, besides with better drug testing who is going to break a world record at any of the good sports anyway. Continue Reading »

World’s most expensive one car garage

Rich Guy HouseWith the housing market in a dump you can pick up some real deals like this one for just 70 million bucks. But check this out it’s got like a one car garage, and this guys wife is totally ugly. I may not have as much cash but I do have a much better looking chick and a bigger garage! Continue Reading »

Hawaii’s famous Coco Palms Resort abandoned

coco palms resortTake a look back at what was once the most famous hotel in Hawaii. The the Coco Palms Resort located on the island of Kauai was severely damaged by hurricane Iniki in 1992 and has never re-opened. The hotel is now empty and plans to re-open the property have died with the slump in the condo market. Continue Reading »

Israeli Army to field tiny bulldozers

Tiny BulldozerNo this isn’t the star of it’s own kid’s show with a cuddly little bulldozer or a cute new Transformer. This is a tiny bulldozer developed by the Israeli Army to navigate the tiny streets and alleyways of it’s friendly Arab neighbors. This diminutive dozer can navigate streets that would previously require demolition. Continue Reading »

Darth Vader’s sad love story

darth vader in loveAs long as George Lucas has gone senile in his old age spending the last thirty years making every conceivable branded bit of licensed star wars garbage he might consider making a love story. His legions of fans are so loyal they watched his last three craptastophres essentially proved they’d watch pretty much anything with the words Star Wars in them. Continue Reading »

Truly terrifying video

Worse than Michael JacksonWhat could be worse than a child star turned turned child molester dancing and singing, well this disturbing video makes Saw seem like an episode of Barney. Do not click on this link and save more than 3 minutes of your life you can never have back. I am not sure what is more disturbing about this video, the singing or the visual display of retardation… Continue Reading »

Indisputable evidence that Law & Order is racist

Law & OrderI was curious how the TV show Law & Order compared to real life New York criminals. No one on the web seemed to have statistics on who the bad guys were on this ‘real life’ crime drama ‘ripped from the headlines’. I wondered what percentage of the bad guys were caucasian and the results were shocking.
Continue Reading »

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