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Indisputable evidence that Law & Order is racist

Law & OrderI was curious how the TV show Law & Order compared to real life New York criminals. No one on the web seemed to have statistics on who the bad guys were on this ‘real life’ crime drama ‘ripped from the headlines’. I wondered what percentage of the bad guys were caucasian and the results were shocking.

I looked everywhere but was unable to find any statistics on the backgrounds of the criminals in the show were. To create my list I watched every episode season 16 and compiled a list of the villains and the actors who played them.

The top 20 in New York a very small minority of the criminals were white, however in the TV show the villains were 95% white. The single black ‘villain’ was portrayed as the single most educated criminal of the season whose ‘crime’ was trying to find a cure for AIDS.

Here are the top twenty most wanted from Law & Order followed by the real world.

Law & order
New York Most Wanted

Wanted Person
Dwight Jacobs
Episode 01 S16

Wanted Person
Lorraine Dillan
Episode 02 S16

Wanted Person
Johnny Zona
Episode 03 S16

Wanted Person
Harlan Dwyer
Episode 04 S16

Wanted Person
Patterson Drucker
Episode 05 S16

Wanted Person
Gloria Rhodes
Episode 06 S16

Wanted Person
Victor Verhaeghe
Episode 07 S16

Wanted Person
Nathaniel Prentiss
Episode 08 S16

Wanted Person
Leland Barnes
Episode 09 S16

Wanted Person
Jason Corley
Episode 10 S16

Wanted Person
Barry Speicher
Episode 11 S16

Wanted Person
Bob Cerullo
Episode 12 S16

Wanted Person
Gerald Ruane
Episode 13 S16

Wanted Person
Greg Loomis
Episode 14 S16

Wanted Person
Allison Ashburn
Episode 15 S16

Wanted Person
Sophie Keener
Episode 16 S16

Wanted Person
Kevin Boatman
Episode 17 S16

Wanted Person
Mitchell Lowell
Episode 18 S16

Wanted Person
Dr. Andrew Copelan
Episode 19 S16

Wanted Person
Eric Lund
Episode 20 S16

New York Most Wanted

Wanted Person
Bin Laden, Osama

Wanted Person
Estella, Michael A.
Wanted Person
Van Hoesen, Raymond
Albany County
Wanted Person
Sharpe, Carmen
Albany County
Wanted Person
Trudo, Calvin L.
Albany County
Wanted Person
Gomez, Jairo
Albany County
Sex Offender
Wanted Person
McNeish, Ena M
Albany County
Wanted Person
Castro, Raul
Albany County
Wanted Person
Stewart, Timothy P.
Albany County
Sex Offender
Wanted Person
Kato, Scott
Sex Offender
Wanted Person
Ivezic, Marko
Wanted Person
Kelly, Noel
Bronx County
Wanted Person
Rivera, Angel
Bronx County
Sex Offender
Wanted Person
Witter, Derrick
Bronx County
Wanted Person
Ruiz, Vincent
Bronx County
Sex Offender
Wanted Person
Miller, Haddon
Bronx County
Sex Offender
Wanted Person
Andrews, Gregory
Bronx County
Sex Offender
Wanted Person
Wilson, Jermaine
Wanted Person
Adams, Rashleigh Gilbert
Broome County
Sex Offender
Wanted Person
Backman, Robert
Broome County
Rape 1st

For years, Law & Order, which is filmed in Manhattan, advertised its episodes as being “ripped from the headlines,” a claim Wolf and it’s stars still make in interviews. But instead of depicting reality, Wolf’s scriptwriters take high-profile crimes, and replace the bad guys with whites. According to NYPD crime reports, over 89 percent of suspects in violent crimes are black or Hispanic, Law & Order would have you believe very differently.

Here are some recent episodes with their real life inspirations and how Law & Order made them ‘politically correct’.

In “Teenage Wasteland,” an episode that originally aired on February 7, 2001, the true case of a group of black teenagers who ordered Chinese food, and murdered the delivery man, is turned into a group of middle-class, white kids.

“Myth of Fingerprints” (November 14, 2001) tells of a white, female forensics chief whose years of false testimony has sent many innocent men to jail. One of those innocents was murdered in prison, resulting in the official’s conviction for manslaughter.

This episode was clearly based on the real case of former Oklahoma City supervising forensic chemist Joyce Gilchrist, nicknamed “black magic,” based on her longtime success at bringing about convictions. On September 25, 2001, as Ken Raymond reported the following day in the Oklahoman, “Oklahoma City Police Chief M.T. Berry … fired forensic chemist Joyce Gilchrist, whose lab techniques and testimony have been under scrutiny by federal, state and local investigators for several months.

For years, Gilchrist’s critics claimed she had falsified evidence and given false testimony, which caused 23 men to be sentenced to death, eleven of whom were executed. Note, however, that Joyce Gilchrist is black, and unlike the fictional white official, has never been prosecuted.

“Sheltered” which aired May 14, 2003, seven months after the October, 2002 Washington, D.C. sniper case was closed with the arrest of suspects John Muhammad and Lee Malvo, L&O dramatized the case, but with the shooter as re-written as a white non-muslim.

“Smoke” (May 21, 2003) opens with the death of a child, whose adoptive father, a famous entertainer, had dropped him, while dangling him from a hotel room window. The detectives eventually discover that the entertainer would also arrange for underage boys to accompany him to his mansion, where he would sexually violate them. Instead of a Michael Jackson character the Law & Order villain was re-written to be a caucasian comedian.

“Foul Play” (May 1, 2002) Danny Almonte was the 14-year-old Dominican fraud who — through the connivance of his father, Felipe de Jesus Almonte, and Bronx-based, Dominican Little League coach Rolando Paulino — passed himself off as a 12-year-old, in order to play in the 2001 Little League championships. In the Law & Order version the coach became a blond-haired, white man, who is somehow convicted of a murder committed by the player’s father.

In “Open Season” (November 20, 2002), a William Kunstler-like defense attorney is murdered while celebrating the acquittal of a guilty-as-hell black defendant for shooting a white policeman. The killer, a member of a white supremacist group, then uses his defense attorney to unwittingly pass along information to his co-conspirators, who murder a prosecutor in another state. The defense attorney is charged with aiding and abetting the supremacists, before she is shot by a female supremacist.

Note that the real basis of the episode was the indictment of radical attorney, Lynne Stewart “with helping terrorist conspirator Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman maintain contact with the outlaw terror organization Islamic Group [IG] from behind the bars of a federal prison,” as Mark Hamblett wrote in the July 23 New York Law Journal, resulting in the 1997 murder of 62 people by IG in Luxor, Egypt. Sheik Abdul Rahman, is the convicted ringleader of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. The most serious charges against Stewart were dismissed in July.

In “Kid Pro Quo” (April 30, 2003), the dedicated director of admissions at a tony private school, is murdered by her corrupt, racist boss. The victim sought to get a deserving but poor black girl admitted, but was overridden by the boss, who’d taken a bribe to accept the inferior child of a Jewish pornographer.

And then there’s the homophobia angle. In the real world, Manhattan is, with San Francisco, one of the two most gay-friendly areas in America. But not in L&O’s alternate universe. In “Girl Most Likely” (March 27, 2002), a private school student murders her lesbian lover, in order to hide the fact that she is gay.

In “Patriot” (May 22, 2002), a pale, blonde-haired former special forces officer kills a Muslim immigrant he had surveilled, and whom he suspected of being a terrorist. The prosecutor presents the imaginary patriot as a monster, even as the story suggests that the dead man WAS a terrorist.

The show which debuted in 1990 is the longest running drama in the history of prime television. Shows like Law & order where the killers fit the politically correct agenda of their writers do have an impact on society. Terrorists in movies are rarely if ever Muslims and street criminals are rarely if ever of color. Unfortunately an unintended victim of political correctness is the truth or at least some sense of reality. This problem is not just limited to the TV show Law & Order, throughout the entertainment world there is an upside down world of criminals have nothing to do with real life.

This upside down world is ten times more likely to have the bad guy be a corrupt American official than a Muslim terrorist. The black helicopter crowd is alive and well, and they are writing the make believe crap you watch every night.

Here is an episode list I compiled for reference:

Season # Air Date Episode Name Killer Name (actor) Ethnicity Background
16- 1 21-Sep-05 Red Ball Dwight Jacobs White Shoplifter
16- 2 28-Sep-05 Flaw Lorraine Dillan White Con Artist
16- 3 5-Oct-05 Ghosts Johnny Zona White Golf Shop Clerk
16- 4 12-Oct-05 Age of Innocence Harlan Dwyer White Reverend
16- 5 19-Oct-05 Life Line Patterson Drucker White Son threatened by gang
16- 6 2 Nov 05 Birthright Gloria Rhodes White Nurse
16- 7 9 Nov 05 House of Cards Victor Verhaeghe White Father
16- 8 16-Nov-05 New York Minute Nathaniel Prentiss White Minuteman
16- 9 23-Nov-05 Criminal Law Leland Barnes White Businessman
16-10 30-Nov-05 Acid Jason Corley White Jealous Boyfriend
16-11 7 Dec 05 Bible Story Barry Speicher White Businessman
16-12 11-Jan-06 Family Friend Bob Cerullo White Police man
16-13 18-Jan-06 Heart of Darkness Gerald Ruane White Brother
16-14 8 Feb 06 Magnet Greg Loomis White Rich white student buying test answers from
hispanic student
16-15 1 Mar 06 Choice of Evils Allison Ashburn White Housewife
16-16 8 Mar 06 Cost of Capital Sophie Keener White Executive Girlfriend
16-17 22-Mar-06 America, Inc. Kevin Boatman White Military Contractor
16-18 29-Mar-06 Thinking Makes It So Mitchell Lowell White Kidnapper
16-19 5 Apr 06 Positive Dr. Andrew Copelan Black Doctor
16-20 3 May 06 Kingmaker Eric Lund White Chief of Staff

If nothing else the show is absolutely guilty of not hiring enough minority actors to play bad guys.

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

News Category: Entertainment, News, Retarded


6 Responses to “Indisputable evidence that Law & Order is racist”

  1. Maybe the people hiring the actors for the FICTIONAL show are racist… or maybe black people aren’t good small part actors… thats the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. It’s a TV show.

    Truth man on 03 Jan 2008 at 4:34 pm
  2. You idiot. No one would watch a show based on realism. “Ripped from the headlines” is simply where the ideas originate. If it were real, case after case would be the police looking for addicts, who would be easy ot find because they’re in the same place time after time. Looking for racism in itself is a form of racism. let it go, man, let it go.

    dru on 10 Sep 2008 at 9:25 am
  3. Call me the idiot and racist for reporting the facts that’s amazing (so you’re not disputing any of my facts only that I shouldn’t discuss it) . It’s become so predictable I have quit watching the show and based on their ratings a lot of other people have too.

    I will not let this go it will bother me til the day I die, or rant about something else in five minutes.

    Jerome on 10 Sep 2008 at 9:59 am
  4. Thanks for the research. Anyone who watches Law & Order regularly can see that the producers purposely cast the overwhelming majority of the fictional criminals as white. This is their political make–up – they believe that most non–white criminals resort to a life crime because of the inherit racism of American society. Furthermore, portraying reality, i.e., non–whites commit a disproportionate amount of violent acts, runs counter to the dogma of political correctness.

    Luis B on 03 Jan 2012 at 3:15 pm
  5. You watched the 16th season. If you watch the first season, the show is full of bigotry towards blacks and gays. Hope this makes you happy that the playing fields may be even.

    d on 04 Aug 2012 at 9:38 am
  6. I figured out every episode in the first minute by saying the white guy did it …. the white guy did it. very funny show . one episode showed a jew criminal. what the hell where the producers thinking of. ol sheila gave him hell when he came home that night. what what what!!!!!

    teshan on 22 Dec 2012 at 7:20 pm

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