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Final score on black hole question: Astrophysicist 1 Retard 4

Question AnsweredThroughout the web there are sites that allow anyone to answer questions, and just because you don’t really know what you are talking about you have every right to offer an opinion.
Question: What happens when a black hole meets another black hole of the same size? (and the range is near enough for both to engulf/suck in/take in the other)…

Answer: The pimp makes makes them split the money.

Sure the correct answer (I guess it’s correct I never finished rocket scientist school) is long and rambling with lots of big words I can’t understand. This answer only got one vote: The black holes orbit each other sending out characteristic gravitational waves. Gravity waves are waves of compression and expansion – if one happened nearby, you’d briefly wobble taller and shorter. The waves from merging black holes are the strongest gravity waves in existance spiralling out towards us, and gravity experiments are trying to catch them in the act, but they are almost impossibly faint by the time they reach us. The waves suck energy from the black hole orbits, until they spiral together, forming a larger black hole, in a titanic clash sending out a burst of intense gamma ray radiation.

Question answered

I am pretty sure he pretty much made up the part about wobbling taller and shorter and can’t spell existence. At the end of the day all the fancy book learning people got a lower score than retard boy Jerome. Education and subject knowledge aren’t necessary for celebrities to weigh in on complicated issues they know absolutely nothing about and it shouldn’t top you.

Take this question for instance:
Question answered

What is the true meaning of Wicca?

The short answer is Wicca is a modern spiritual religion, based on and reviving the ancient pre-Christian pagan religions of Europe. Wiccans believe in a divine force or power as the source of all found in nature, kind of like the force from Star Wars only less plausible.

Wicca was founded by a retired civil servant in 1954, Gerald Gardner, who practically at random combined hundreds of years of rstlirt pagan traditions. Wicca is only one variety of pagan witchcraft, with distinctive ritual forms, seasonal observances and religious, magical and ethical precepts.

So basically if you are a goth or nerd who is too scared to imagine a world without an afterlife but adverse to organized religion you too can be like Harry Potter and cast spells.

Question answered

It is our calling as people with computers and a connection to the internet. Just being at work shouldn’t let work stop you from surfing the web and weighing in on any subject that interests you. Remember there are no stupid answers only ones that not everyone accepts, most are based at some level on opinion. With the magic of Google your answer could well be the number one result. You never know some reporter might use your made up stuff in a story. Some little kid might even source you in his book report, just think of all the people you can misinform inform. Knowledge is power, but the accuracy of any answers is normally speculative. There are hordes of people out there who believe in all kinds of made up stuff.

Question answered

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

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2 Responses to “Final score on black hole question: Astrophysicist 1 Retard 4”

  1. The multiple black hole thingy… that one got me too. I mean, if one black hole is “larger” than another, isn’t “something” getting out of the damn thing? Specifically, information vis-a-vis the size of the black hole… the “gravity waves” themselves must be exceeding the speed of light?!?!?

    Josh on 02 Feb 2008 at 2:55 am
  2. Interesting blog.. Not sure I have seen anything like it around..

    Thanks for the insight…


    heavenand hell on 03 Feb 2008 at 9:20 pm

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