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Garfield cartoon reveals sociopathic behavior

Garfield without GarfieldTake the cat out of the strip and you basically have some crazy homeless type babbling incoherently to himself. One brave blogger using photoshop has exposed the neurotic behavior the typical lonely cat owner for who they really are. If you look closely enough this cartoons display all the classic symptoms of a sociopath. Continue Reading »

Fake miniatures without bothering to build models

fake mini Photographers use a process called tilt-shift miniature faking to take pictures of life size locations or objects and manipulate them the depth of field to make them look like miniature models. By distorting the focus of the photo, the artist simulates the shallow depth of field normally encountered with macro lenses making the scene seem much smaller than it actually is. Continue Reading »

Retards use machine gun to cut down trees

Retard tree cutterOne of the coolest shows on TV is Mythbusters and in one of the cooler things they did was cut down a tree with a mini gun. Sure non-retarded people use an ax or a chainsaw but when you have a machine gun that fires thousands of rounds a minute why waste the effort. Continue Reading »

One domain name that should be illegal

I realize that nearly everyone in this world wants to make money. I also know that most people are willing to cheat and lie and scam for money, which is their right… usually. But when something comes across my email in order to phish or attempt to scam, things get annoying. So, now I’m annoyed. Continue Reading »

30 Greatest functional Lego creations of all time

Functional Lego CreationsRather than working today I decided to find the 30 greatest functional Lego creations of all time. So here in no particular order are Lego phones, furniture, electronic items and even a few weapons. Continue Reading »

Retard driving tow truck

Retard driving tow truckSure it’s fun to hire the handicapped but when you do you might want to get some more insurance and be sure to have plenty of video tape. Here is a short video showing what happens when a retard drives a tow truck… Continue Reading »

Avoiding registered offenders in your neighborhood

armed children The website familywatchdog.us lets you enter your address and see if there is a registered sex offender in your neighborhood. See if you need to start arming your children before they go out to play in front of in the front yard. We ranked 30 major cities and the results were a little surprising, find out who won.
Continue Reading »

Documentary on world’s worst facial deformity

Living life as a butt faceKevin Armstrong is a brave little 12 year old with acute Solumoristosis, an extremely rare genetic deformity that horribly disfigures his facial appearance. This is the heart warming documentary focuses on how the boy overcomes his handicap and perseveres in a society that places so much emphasis on physical appearance. Continue Reading »

Beer vs Jesus – which is better?

Jesus vs beerA question for the ages has been which is better Beer or Jesus? Up until this point it’s been a one-sided battle, but we’ve decided to be the devil’s savior’s advocate and written a sequel to why Jesus is better than beer… Continue Reading »

Play guess your crime with mugshots

Guess My CrimeSomeone has come up with a clever guessing game, try to match the mugshot with the alleged crime. Was this smiling girl simply drunk or disorderly or did she axe murder a small family? You be the judge and see if the mug fits the crime… Continue Reading »

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