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Pedro Martinez guilty of playing with his food

Pedro Food FightRecently hall of fame pitcher Juan Marichal and Pedro Martinez were implicated in cockfighting. When I first heard about this I wasn’t all that surprised, Pedro was very thin, dressed nicely and came off as being a little efeminite. Upon actually reading about it I found out the controversy had to with chicken fighting and Pedro and Juan are not officially a couple…

Instead of being in trouble with the right he’s got problems on the left and PETA is threatening a Michael Vick like protest. The difference here is that Pedro is guilty of fighting chickens not dogs. No one should seriously confuse chickens with dogs even if Snoop’s last album laid an egg and sports legs to match.

Now I know that nutty animal rights vegetarians will get all upset with this, but I support his right to fight with his chicken, wrestle it or do anything else he wants in the privacy of the Dominican Republic. And if they have a problem with it the extra steroids and testoreone I derive from my meat centric diet will allow me to pummel their weakened carcasses with one animal blood soaked hand tied behind my back.

If anything Pedro should be guilty of playing with his food or food fighting, which should get you in trouble with your parents at the dinner table at most.

Playing with food

PETA sent letters Thursday morning to Martinez, Marichal and MLB commissioner Bud Selig, inviting the famous pitchers – and all big leaguers – to take PETA’s animal sensitivity training course.

Chicken Pet Society
Chicken owners of America voiced their opposition to Pedro…

“It’s shocking that in the light of what happened with Michael Vick that these guys would show such poor judgment,” PETA spokesman Dan Shannon said. “The ball is in (Martinez’s) court – we’re ready to do the training when he is.”

Shannon said it appeared the rooster that Martinez released into the pit was killed.

If anyone watched Pedro pitch recently should have been surprised that his chicken even showed up for the fight without coming down with an injury.

News Article

I am a huge fan of those PETA pictures that if a chick were hot enough I would fake being vegetarian around for as long as necessary…

PETA Hotty

PETA girls on Retard Media

More PETA chicks

These people have no sense of humor though seven term Kentucky state Representative Charles Siler (R-Williamsburg) has introduced a resolution calling for ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken’ to be the state’s official ‘picnic food’. Dead chicken (Mortuus pullus) would not actually replace the Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) as the state bird, but would be supplemental to it. “Heck. Them birds has put Kentucky on the map all over the world.” said Siler, who lists his occupation as ‘farmer’. “I figured it was time to give ’em some recognition.”

But, animal rights advocates are crying fowl and squawking over Siler’s resolution. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) vice president Bruce Friedrich is quoted as saying, “If the state legislature moves forward with this one, then they should change Kentucky’s state bird from the cardinal to the debeaked, crippled, scalded, diseased, dead chicken,” Crippled, scalded, diseased, debeaked and tasty!

When I face one of these moral dilemmas I simply ask myself, what would Homer do?
What would homer do

Question answered…

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

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3 Responses to “Pedro Martinez guilty of playing with his food”

  1. “Have a Heart, Go Vegetarian” what does this slogan means. Does’nt plants feel pain when got cut out the the field. If you really have a heart, do not eat anything so that your will not hurt anybody or anything. CAN YOU SURVIVE WITH OUT FOOD. God has created the good food chain. not eating flesh doesnt means you are kind to the ecosystem.

    Amir on 20 Oct 2008 at 12:39 am
  2. They forgot to list the fish section in the breakdown of that womans body!

    I guess they don’t care about tuna…or is it herring? Halibut?

    Brad on 13 Nov 2008 at 11:25 am
  3. I’m a member of a different kind of organization called PETA. People for Eating Tasty Animals. Mmm, I’m gonna go cook up a burger now.

    AJ on 21 Dec 2008 at 8:31 pm

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