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Cloverfield monster revealed

#For just $99 you can see the Cloverfield monster in your own home, without getting nauseous from a few hours of shaky hand cam either. What would make kids happier than a 14 inch tall monster that comes complete with sound (years of psycho therapy and batteries not included).

In the movie you can see only a few frames of the giant monster…
Cloverfield monster from movie

Cloverfield monster from movie

Fortunately through the magic of movie memorabilia everyone can see the monster revealed in all fourteen inches of plastic doll action figure glory.
Cloverfield monster toy

Cloverfield monster toy

Cloverfield monster toy

Link to Toy

Some fan made an elaborate but inaccurate rendition:
Cloverfield monster from movie

The name cloverfield actually came from something not so original, “Cloverfield”, is the name of the exit Abrams takes to his Santa Monica office.
Cloverfield monster name origin

At least he didn’t work somewhere like Juno Ave, Atonement Circle, or Clayton Blvd – those all sound like lame places and I would never go watch a movie with those in the title.

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

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