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A tribute to Fidel Castro’s health care system

Fidel Castro in hospitalIn the medical field if you are not providing aggressive or ‘heroic’ medical care you are simply providing ‘palliative’ care or aid and comfort. In a tribute to Fidel Castro (hero to millions) let’s celebrate Cuba’s palliative health care system…


90% of Cuban Doctors Failed US Medical Exams

bad doctors400 Cuban Immigrants who were doctors in their native Cuba applied to be doctors in the United States. The group failed so miserably on exams required to certify as doctors in the United States that a new ‘special’ was created for them. It has placed less emphasis on pure science and more on treatment and diagnosis, for example, and made special courses available to help these immigrants prepare for the test.. The test was actually revised twice. After more than 90 percent of the immigrant doctors failed the modified exam when they first took it last May, the state rewrote it again and translated it into Spanish. Again, more than 90 percent failed the even more water downed version when they took it in again.

AIDS ‘Prisons

aids prisonsAIDS victims have been routinely imprisoned against their will in ‘hospitals’ that are nothing more than prisons in most cases. AIDS victims are imprisoned in locked compounds and not allowed out. While not concentration camps where people are killed in mass they are the equivalent of internment camps and not having modern AIDS treatment and medical care is a death sentence.

Lack of Modern Diagnostic Equipment

lacking modern equipmentDiagnosing a torn muscle, tumor, or any number of internal problems requires very expensive medical equipment. In Cuba, there are 6 CT-Scan machines available for free to anyone who needs it. 5 out of these 6 machines are non-functional for the past 8 months.

Lack of Even Basic Medicines

medicines lackingTourists to Cuba are regularly encouraged to supply Cubans with even basic over-the-counter medicines. Cuba is a country where a doctor will write a prescription for aspirin but a patient will be unable to receive any. If a country cannot provide cough syrup and aspirin do you really think you will be getting the antibiotics and expensive medication available to modern medicine?

Even the most commonly available pharmaceutical items in the U.S., such as Aspirin and rubbing alcohol, are conspicuously absent [in Cuba]… Antibiotics… are in extremely short supply and available only on the black market. Aspirin can be purchased only at government-run dollar stores, which carry common medications at a huge markup in U.S. dollars… This puts them out of reach of most Cubans, who are paid little and in pesos. Canada’s National Post

Third of Cuban Hospitals Closed

closing hospitalsIn 1983 there were 326 hospitals in Cuba, by 2005 there were only 248, despite a growing population. Several hospitals have recently been closed including one in Havana (the capital) that did not have running water. The Soviet Union would provide over a billion dollars a year in aid to Cuba, and since it’s collapse Cuba’s economy has been in ruins.

Filthy Conditions

race cardOne of the most basic indicators of how well maintained a hospital is the conditions of it’s floors and attention to hygiene. Cuban hospitals in general are filthy places and filth leads to infection and disease with patients that have weakened immune systems.

Sicko ‘Documentary’ Banned in Cuba

filthThe ‘documentary’ Sicko that raved about the high quality of medical care in Cuba will never be seen by Cubans. The documentary is banned in the police state that many westerners idolize.

Showpiece Hospitals

showpiece hospitalsWhen foreigners are shown medical care in the movie sicko or as part of a tour they are victims of Cuban propaganda. Communist countries have been using utopian showpiece displays of national glory since Lenin started rounding up political prisoners for the good of the collective. These shy showpiece hospitals that tourists are paraded through are a world away from the squalor of most Cuban medical facilities.

Fuzzy Math

bad mathAccurate statistics on the health care system are unavailable, the system is a symbol of national pride and controlled by the state run government without any independent control. The Soviet Union, North Korea, and China regularly churned out fanciful make believe statistics showing their particular countries excelling when they were actually collapsing. The difference is that these Cuban statistics were embraced and continue to be regurgitated without even an ounce of skepticism.


Learn More about the ‘world’s greatest’ health care system.

Oh screw it, I’m flying to Cuba and skipping the third world health care system just like my hero Fidel Castro. Poor little guy he’s in a Cuban hospital somewhere, if you are in the area be sure to drop him off some cough medicine.
fidel is sick

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

News Category: Factoid, News, Review, Science


4 Responses to “A tribute to Fidel Castro’s health care system”

  1. First!

    Michael on 20 Feb 2008 at 1:07 pm
  2. We’ll miss you Fidel squirrel, atheist non-secular heaven is about to gain another angel.

    Jerome on 20 Feb 2008 at 1:11 pm
  3. i have just recently returned from cuba i visited a frind when i was there at a hospital in havana just off la-rampa i have never seen such conditions patients are cramped in they have a bucket under the beds is is just filthy

    john on 13 Jul 2011 at 1:44 pm
  4. […] Quote: Originally Posted by JoeB131 Quote: Originally Posted by healthmyths Come ON! Refute the above information… I see 5 people have read it.. WHERE are your arguments that this won't work? Or that my information is incorrect??? I mean now even Obama is saying 30 million are uninsured! Maybe you need to actually not come off like someone who is erratic and all over the map. On the 46 million. Sorry, those 10 million Non-citizens STILL have medical needs. So do those 18 million who don't buy insurance because they think they can skate. The rest of us who DO buy insurance end up paying for them when they end up at Emergency Rooms and skip out on their bills. Defensive medicine- Sorry, man, I want doctors practicing defensive medicine and so do you. We have 96,000 deaths every year due to medical mistakes. I want them making sure they don't make more. Tanning Salons- Tax the **** out of them. Seriously. Lawyers- Once again- 96,000 Americans are killed every year because medical "professionals" make mistakes. Lawyers keep them on the up and up. Most people injured by their caregivers don't sue. Usually trying to make it right is sufficient. Lawyers aren't the problem. Greedy doctors, greedy pharmacueitcal companies and greedy insurance companies are. THEY ARE NOT Americans! Go back to their country and get health care! I for one don't believe that bull**** about paying for THEIR health care! They sneaked into the country illegally! Turn themselves IN and they get FREE health care dumb fu..! YOU are so full of **** about the 18 million! They make over $50k and spend OUT of their own pocket for their health care costs! YOU don't pay one f..king dime for THEM.. For them not paying their bills is a CREDIT risk! Dumb f..k! The f…king truth is the lawyers are costing $850 billion a year! Why are you defending them? TAX them. $27 billion a year will pay for the truly 4 million that WANT and NEED health insurance. Greedy doctors??? Prove it because I proved they are forbidden by the Stark Law obviously something YOU never heard of! And are you one dumb.f..k coming to "greedy ins. companies"!!! The average health insurance company PAYS out BEFORE taxes 80% of every $1 in premium dumb sh..T! They then PAY OUT in taxes you dummy nearly $100 billion a year! Where you going to make up the TAX PAYMENTS these 1,300 companies pay in Federal/state/local and probably in your home town there may be an insurance company paying property taxes DUMMY. They go out of business you'll be just like Detroit people PAYING sky high property taxes and then you'll where did the tax base go??? YOU dumb f…ks that HAVE NO IDEA of how insurance works, much less how the economy and businesses PLEASE take a look a the future of "universal health care" from a Cuban's perspective!!! cubahospitalfloors.jpg cubanHospital.jpeg A tribute to Fidel Castro?s health care system […]


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