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Avoiding registered offenders in your neighborhood

armed children The website familywatchdog.us lets you enter your address and see if there is a registered sex offender in your neighborhood. See if you need to start arming your children before they go out to play in front of in the front yard. We ranked 30 major cities and the results were a little surprising, find out who won.

Registered Sex Offenders
Cleveland 2228
Los Angles 1790
New York 1723
San Antonio 1285
Chicago 1201
Cincinnati 1185
Houston 1095
Dallas 1056
Washington DC 1035
St Louis 990
Las Vegas 955
Detroit 941
Kansas City 937
Denver 837
Tampa 600
Salt Lake City 595
San Diego 586
Phoenix 583
Miami 529
San Francisco 429
Seattle 271
Knoxville 240
Boston 207
Honolulu 181
Portland 150

Here are the per capita rankings:San Antonio
Here is San Antonio with offenders mapped out:San Antonio

Sadly this map won’t alert you to parents, relatives, teachers, Catholic priests or others your kid already know who are a greater statistical threat. For that you need Chris Hansen from Dateline’s To Catch a Predator to chat online with everyone your kid talks to. Most studies seem to show that registered offenders have about a two percent rate of re offending which is very low relative to other crimes. However if a car thief starts stealing cars again your kid’s life isn’t ruined by some monster.

Why can’t politicians unite the country and focus on common sense populous approaches to solving problems that 90% of us would support? How about outsourcing prisons to China – we could house these offenders for a tenth of the cost. It would save tons of money, we could double prison sentences which combined with staying in a Chinese jail would be a real deterrent. This plan would increase the quality of life and lower crime thereby increasing property values, keep our kids safe and lower the deficit. Maybe Hillary could throw this plan as a hail mary – even I’d vote for her.

Registered Offender Map









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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

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