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Retards use machine gun to cut down trees

Retard tree cutterOne of the coolest shows on TV is Mythbusters and in one of the cooler things they did was cut down a tree with a mini gun. Sure non-retarded people use an ax or a chainsaw but when you have a machine gun that fires thousands of rounds a minute why waste the effort.

The show if you haven’t seen it tries to recreate urban myths and see if they are accurate or not, although I’m not sure who didn’t believe this was possible.

It is possible to cut down a tree with a machine gun.


The build team obtained large pine tree trunks and set them up in the Mojave Desert. The trees were shot at using a Thompson submachine gun and a M249 SAW, but they remained standing. The .45 bullets were too slow and inaccurate, and the 5.56mm NATO rounds didn’t cause enough damage to fell the tree. However, when Kari used a M134D minigun that fired 7.62mm NATO at 50 rounds per second, the pine trunk fell down within a minute. A much denser mesquite tree was also cut in short order.

Mythbusters official site

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

News Category: Humor, Technerd, Video



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