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Making that scary girl part fun with Clitter!

Female Part GlitterSure the female part can be a little intimidating and battling odor down there is a cottage industry. Now there is a product to make that scary part fun for everyone. With eleven scented glitter color packs you can decorate your very own smiley face down there with Clitter! Continue Reading »

Facebook voted #1 by Megan’s Law violators

I’m not saying that I use FaceBook everyday (sometimes the public library is closed so I can’t get on a computer). When I can get on the computer I take every opportunity to find myself more imaginary friends. This time, I was able to find a new friend that not only was on Facebook but was on one of their applications, Have Sex. I don’t know what to say, but maybe… COUNT ME IN! Continue Reading »

Chippewa Falls amusement park ruins

Chippewa Lake ParkChippewa Lake Park was abandoned in 1978 with most of it’s attractions standing. The 385 acre lake outside of Cleveland is the largest natural inland body of water in the state. The park was open for nearly a hundred years and nature has reclaimed it’s coasters, ballroom and structures. Continue Reading »

Dying or climaxing chicks in movies

Getting murderedSometimes it’s hard to tell by facial expressions alone whether a chick is getting killed or getting off. Since both frequently involve acting guys have a tough time judging which it is. Can you tell which is which?
Continue Reading »

Vaporware product of the month: 5 million dollar 4 bedroom underwater house

Vaporware subSure five million for a four bedroom smallish apartment would probably be not such a bad deal in New York city but the Trilobis 65 Floating Home doesn’t exist. It’s one of those vaporware products that companies without real products make shiny pictures of and pretend to sell without making any of them. Sort of like a company that has imaginary friends, like the retard empire. Continue Reading »

How do you measure up to famous celebrities?

How do you measure upWonder how you measure up to famous celebrities? Well ask no longer see how you size up to notable figures of the past and present. Continue Reading »

Imagine a world without Yoko Ono

Yoko OnoJust imagine if the world’s most famous band hadn’t been destroyed by Yoko Ono. You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one and I can only imagine a world without that ugly chick. Just how different would the world be without her, well here are ten things that would definitely have made the world a little better place… Continue Reading »

Serbs overrun American embassy – democrats plan withdrawal

Embassy BurningHundreds of protesters overrun the closed American embassy in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both pledged to withdraw US forces then bickered over which of them had a faster retreat strategy. Walter Cronkite declared if there was going to be a war there we had already lost it. Continue Reading »

Retard competes in Olympic gymnastics for wrong team

Retard GymnistSure we all can’t win the gold, but competing for let’s say the women’s track team would buy you at least three seconds on your mile. In the army chicks only had to run at a brisk walk to pass their physical requirements tests (guess the bad guys need to be told not to chase women at full speed). So if we’re going to have steroids in professional sports and co-ed bathrooms let’s cheat our way to the gold… Continue Reading »

A tribute to Fidel Castro’s health care system

Fidel Castro in hospitalIn the medical field if you are not providing aggressive or ‘heroic’ medical care you are simply providing ‘palliative’ care or aid and comfort. In a tribute to Fidel Castro (hero to millions) let’s celebrate Cuba’s palliative health care system… Continue Reading »

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