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Banned movie on the Quran: Fitna

FitnaDutch parliament member Geert Wilders has caused a huge controversy with his film Fitna on the Quran. The video was banned by it’s American web host Network Solutions and cannot be shown on TV in the Netherlands. Watch it and see what all the fun is about. Warning: some graphic images.
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How many cannibals could you feed?

Cannibal FeedSure when that old guy comes on TV late at night and asks you to feed starving children somewhere maybe it should take into account there are starving cannibals in the world. You might wonder while watching a zombie movie or just staring at yourself in the mirror how many cannibals could I feed – well wonder no more… Continue Reading »

Burning cavern in Davarez Russia

Davarez mine fireIf someone imagined a gat to hell this is probably what it would look like, in fact the locals call it the “The Door to Hell”. Located in Uzbekistan near the small town of Davarez is this cavern that has been burning for 35 miles. Geologists drilling for gas found the giant cavern they found poison gas and being Russians they decided to ignite the gas to get rid of it. Continue Reading »

Richard Widmark died after being shot by illegal alien (according to Wikipedia)

Widmark DiedActor Richard Widmark died after being shot in the spine by an illegal alien the age of 93. That was what I read on Wikipedia earlier today, the true cause according to his wife was the he died of a long term illness. So unless you buy into a wild conspiracy theory that the wife and gardener were having an affair and she’s covering up for him you can chalk this up to another crazy web rumor, like 9/11 being a conspiracy. Continue Reading »

Retard wrestling invisible opponent

Invisible WrestlingThe only thing faker than wrestling is Lindsay Lohan’s rack is wrestling, and since it’s all choreographed anyway why not make it slightly more believable and wrestle an imaginary opponent. One part mime one part Hulk Hogan and throw in some Japanese for flavor and you have yourself some invisible wrestling. I am so betting on the transparent one next time with my underground wrestling bookie. Continue Reading »

Pro golfer in trouble for hunting hawks, 3 shots over par

Golf HunterPro golfer Tripp Isenhour made what amateur golfers could only dream of, killing a hawk at 75 yards with a golf ball. He took several shots from about 300 yards at the noisy bird that was interrupting the TV show he was filming then moved closer. Like all lazy golfers he drove rather than walking but with his seventh attempt he nailed the hawk in the head with a golf ball from 225 feet away.
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How to blow $30 billion dollars

Sultan of BruneiThis billionaire had an estimated fortune of $40 billion, which once placed him at the top of Fortune magazine’s list of the world’s richest people. Recent reports, however, suggest that his treasure has dwindled to a only $10 billion due to his lavish spending and bad land deals. How do you blow $30 billion which is roughly equivalent to the entire annual income of all 125 million people living in Bangladesh? Continue Reading »

Retards rig election results in Texas

Rigging an electionsYesterday a major act of voter fraud went unnoticed, not the one where I went and voted for Hillary either. One of the sites that I frequent The Trading Fraternity had it’s own important election. If you really support something or have nothing better to do at work why stop at voting just once? Continue Reading »

Paris Hilton gives Buddhist monk herpes

Paris Hilton gives Buddhist monk herpesParish Hilton has found religion, well sort of she was recently photographed with what looked like a Buddhist monk near LA. As it turns out the ‘monk’ was a 52 year old semi crazy actor who was in Pirates of the Caribbean. Paris probably decided that nothing would be more fun than messing with the paparazzi for a change and the old guy figured she was worth getting herpes for. Continue Reading »

Retard roller coaster death trap car

retardmobileTake a car and mount the seats eight feet in the air hanging in front of the car and you have yourself a death trap roller coaster of fun. Continue Reading »

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