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Banned movie on the Quran: Fitna

FitnaDutch parliament member Geert Wilders has caused a huge controversy with his film Fitna on the Quran. The video was banned by it’s American web host Network Solutions and cannot be shown on TV in the Netherlands. Watch it and see what all the fun is about. Warning: some graphic images.

In recent days, the Dutch prime minister has reiterated warnings that his country’s citizens and businesses could be attacked because of the film; the European Union’s executive commission has confirmed it sent talking points on the film to E.U. missions abroad; and NATO’s secretary general has voiced concern that the film could increase the risk to Dutch troops serving in Afghanistan.

Outspoken right-wing Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders said he made the movie to support his contention that the Koran — which Muslims revere as the revealed word of Allah to the prophet Mohammed — inspires “intolerance, murder and terror.”

A Dutch court has agreed to examine a lawsuit filed by a Muslim group to ban an anti-Qur’an film by a hot-headed far-right lawmaker as the government launched a diplomatic offensive to limit the expected fallout.

“It’s a request for summary judgment,” Hague District Court spokeswoman Paula Koning was quoted as saying by Agence France-Presse (AFP).

The Islamic Federation has asked the court to appoint a panel of experts to review the documentary prepared by MP Geert Wilder and see if it should be banned.

The court will rule on the Muslim lawsuit by March 28.

A majority of Dutch people want an anti-Koran film made by a politician to be broadcast even though they fear it will stoke tension with Muslims and harm relations with Arab countries, a poll showed on Wednesday.

The poll by TNS NIPO for RTL television showed that 54 percent thought the film should be broadcast although 76 percent expected it to increase tensions between Muslims and non-Muslims and 74 percent saw worsening relations with Arab nations.

The video is controversial and Wilders comments “The Koran is a facist book which incites violence,writes Geert Wilders. That is why this book, just like Mein Kampf, must be banned.”

A moderate Islam does not exist. It does not exist because there is no difference between Good Islam and Bad Islam. There is Islam and that it the end of it. Islam is the Koran, and nothing other than the Koran. And the Koran is the Mein Kampf of a religion that desires to eliminate others- non –Muslims-who are called infidel dogs, and inferior creatures. Read the Koran, that Mein Kampf, yet again. In whatever version and you will see that the evil which the sons of Allah against us and themselves has perpetrated comes from that book”.(Oriana Fallaci”The Force of Reason” post-script page 305 February 2006)

Ehsan Jami is one such infidel dog who had the courage to call the Prophet Mohammed a criminal and for referring to some of the strictures of the Koran as backwards and who got it into his head to stand up for other apostate dogs and even organized a committee for them. Allah finds that the death penalty is warranted for apostasy. Last Saturday that was almost a reality: the infidel Jami was beaten bloody by two Morrocans and one Somalian.

In various Sura’s Muslims are called upon to oppress, persecute, or kill Jews, Christians and others, believers and non –believers and to beat women and to rape and to use violence to implement a worldwide Islamist state. Numerous other Sura’s are used by Muslims to incite to death and destruction.

Rioting will begin in 3, 2, 1…

Geert Wilders website

Wiki on Geert Wilders

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

News Category: Political, Rants


One Response to “Banned movie on the Quran: Fitna”

  1. What are the frases in quran the allow muslims to kill others? as far as i know its in war times or when muslim is bing attacked only.
    As for the movie ,i think , it would ‘ve been more logic to disscuss it with muslims and to see whats their points of view of cricisim points aginst Islam.

    johnny on 08 May 2008 at 1:48 pm

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