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World’s smallest handgun only 2 inches long

Worlds smallest gun2 inches long and deadly, and it’s not a japanese man with AIDS – the Swiss Mini Gun is the world’s smallest gun with the Guinness certificate to prove it. The little thing is a bargain starting only at $6,0000 and fires the world’s smallest 2.34mm ammunition. It can fire the six tiny bullets at 300 mph fast enough to kill humans and action figures alike. Continue Reading »

Online condiment gallery

Online Condiment GalleryThe world’s largest online condiment museum has opened it’s doors to the public. Sure I can’t think of any real value to staring at online images of ketchup packets but the same is true for most sites on the internet. At least at a museum you might learn something, and I’m pretty sure this counts as an internet field trip so get a note from your parents. Continue Reading »

LOST island maps

LOST MapsThe ABC TV show LOST features airplane crash survivors who find themselves on a mysterious island. Several people have made attempts to chart the island of LOST and here are the best attempts out there.
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The Life and Death of America’s Last Cruise Ship the SS Independence

SS IndependenceAfter the drop in tourism following the 9/11 attacks the last cruise ship built in the United States was permanently retired. Until February of this year the ship sat in San Francisco bay and there were initially plans by Norwegian Cruise Lines to rehab the proud ship and sale her again. Sadly the American venture by NCL failed and the ship appears to be headed off for a scrap yard in India or Bangladesh.
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Should you drop MySpace for thoughts?

thoughts.com wants you to share your thoughts. Seems pretty inviting. The idea of the site starts out like blogger.com or typepad.com or wordpress.org, but separates itself from other blogging sites with one sentence which almost seems obscured in the signup process, “When you sign up for a free blog and start posting, you will have an instant audience”. I’m now paying attention. Continue Reading »

Retard dancing/driving contest

retard driverTake a couple white people who are sure pretty sure they can break dance and or have regular seizures, a Delorean car, and a video camera for the aforementioned epileptic attention starved morons and you have a recipe for disaster. Fortunately no one was killed in the filming of this video, but behavior like this should not be tolerated and if you see something like this call the police. Or better yet just bust a cap, oh wait skip the cap gun just use a shotgun. Continue Reading »

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