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Dell support very very no good thank you very much

Dell support headachesKarma is the concept of “action” or “deed” in Indian religions understood as that which causes the entire cycle of cause and effect described in some philosophies. You have all heard of someone that has done something good and mentioned karma coming back on them and rewarding them. After you read this, you will have a story about someone that karma hates –> me! Continue Reading »

Do you deserve a hotty?

DatabilitySure all guys want to date a supermodel but there is something called supply and demand. There are only so many really hot girls to go around, and because of this there is competition. How do you stack up against other guys, and do you deserve to have a 10 or a 3 – take this test and find out. Continue Reading »

Top ten politically incorrect sources of pollution

Top 10 politically incorrect ways to save the planetSure everyone is willing to go blame Hummers, oil companies, rich people building in pristine places and styrofoam for ruining the planet but what about the less politically correct sources of pollution. Let’s put everything on the table and be willing to go beyond the bumper stickers and make the hard choices necessary to save this planet of ours.
Continue Reading »

World’s most retarded sport – cactus diving

Cactus DivingCactus diving is the latest in a long line of retarded sports, and simply requires a patch of cactus and the desire to be completely retarded.Sure there are tons of retarded sports out there like curling, speed-walking, one-man wrestling, and of course the special olympics all qualify but this is pure retardation Continue Reading »

World’s smartest hooker

Worlds smartest hookerWhen you’re let’s say a governor surfing the web and looking for a professional woman there are many things to consider in finding the right vendor. You can go on looks, personality, physical features, but what about brains? Admitted to Oxford University at the age of 13 Sufiah Yusof is now available for about $260 bucks. Continue Reading »

Mortgage meltdown map

Mortgage badnessSure things are bad but how bad are they in your neighborhood? The Federal Reserve has come out with this very cool database complete with dynamic flash mapping so you can track the mortgage meltdown. Continue Reading »

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