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American Wilderness Experience: The world’s first and last zoo in a mall

Failed Zoo in mallThe American Wilderness Experience was located in Ontario California and featured 70 species of live animals, together with a simulator ride and video and interactive nature displays. Billed as “edutainment,” the fun and games lead into a store peddling environmental knickknacks and a restaurant called the Wilderness Grill.

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New horse ambulance in response to Kentucky Derby tragedy

horse ambulanceThe National Thoroughbred Racing Association was sent scrambling for a solution following the Eight Belles’ fatal breakdown in the Kentucky Derby. Race officials have decided on a similar approach used by the NFL where carts take injured players off the field for treatment. In this case the thoroughbreds horses usually weigh upwards of 1,200 pounds and a much more substantial vehicle was required.
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Would you rather send out Guido and Vinny?

Would you rather send out Guido and Vinny?I’ll admit it.. Not only am I a Retard (and proud to be) but I’m dealing with increasing credit card debt. Between supporting single moms (ya, you know what I mean) and paying for things I have no reason to buy, like the World’s funniest candy jar, I’ve spent a little more money than I’ve earned. I don’t think it’s a big deal though, I’ll just apply for another credit card to pay the other ones off. Continue Reading »

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