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Ava Cowan RetardZone’s first groupie

Ava Cowan World's Biggest Retard FanSome people are fans of sports teams, actors, or little troll dolls and still others are fans of stupid things – like our site. RetardZone has it’s first groupie, and she’s a hottie. Take a minute and drool…
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Universal Studios Hollywood to use fire in their new marketing

Universal Studios FireThe recent fire at Universal Studios has provided a unique marketing challenge, how do you market a theme park that has recently suffered catastrophic fire damage? Well those clever Hollywood marketing types have risen the challenge and pulled a new marketing campaign from the ashes jokingly referred to by some as a fire sale.
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Not all Tigers use drugs and cheat

Let me start this by saying the word allegedly is used way too often and with wreckless abandon, and I won’t be doing any such wasting of the word here. It was a long golf fight (like a slap fight only with stupider clothes). In the end, Tiger Woods was the winner, but controversy will exist for a while and soon there will be some testing for illegal substances. Continue Reading »

Retardzone opens storefront location

Vending Machine Other popular websites have translated their virtual success into real life brick and mortar storefronts, and retardzone is no different. We have now launched a physical storefront self contained snack food cash transaction device also known as a vending machine.
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McCain’s Wiki entry vandalized

McCain VandalismRepublican Presidential Candidate John McCain’s Wiki entry was defaced today where the war hero’s open dictionary biography was replaced by a one paragraph rant form an Obama supporter. The defacement referred to McCain as a crazy old guy who cheated on his handicapped wife. Continue Reading »

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