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The eco-friendly solution to the housing crisis

84 square foot houseOne women has solved our housing problem, environmental problems, and with her new prototype home we can escape hurricanes without damage to our property. We may need some period of adjustment when we change over to this new style of living but the rewards are limitless. Continue Reading »

Water skiing the streets of Florida

Street Water SkiingStreet water skiing requires a car (preferably with a hatchback), a few inches of standing water, standard wakeboard equipment, and a complete disregard for one’s own personal safety. While it may not be an Olympic sport yet, it’s already a gold medal retard event.
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The Royal Caribbean Oasis – world’s largest cruise ship

The OasisIn 2009 the world will see the latest “largest cruise ship ever built” Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas. The cruise ship has divided the ship has several firsts including neighborhoods, a zip line, levitating bar, a carousel and loft suites. It features a unique design that literally cuts the top half into separate buildings that face each other making it more like a hotel than a ship.
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World’s 10 most popular suicide destinations

Most popular suicide destinations Where you ask are the ten most inviting places to commit suicide? Well sit back and let us be your suicidal travel agency and find the most desirable jump-off points in the world.
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Facts and History of the Lego Minifigure

Lego MinifigureFirst came the Lego brick, then in August of 1978 came the "minifigure". To celebrate the 30th birthday of the Lego minifigure here are ten things you probably didn’t know about them, their history and the original figure…
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Underage gymnast controversy at Beijing Olympics explained

Famous DeadThis article takes an in-depth look at the biggest controversy to come out of Beijing – the controversy surrounding the Chinese Gymnasts. Read along as together we thoroughly research the most likely explanations for this underage controversy.
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World’s most famous dead on display

Famous DeadRecently a Puerto Rican man paid a funeral home to embalm him and leave him standing in his living room for three days. Surely 24-year-old Angel Pantoja Medina has become a celebrity in death but he can’t be the most famous stiff on display – so let’s run down the list of the world’s most famous dead on display…
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A retard’s guide to Switzerland

SwitzerlandLike most retards, there’s not a lot of extra money floating around in my family’s non-forking family tree. The only time the word “trust” is mentioned is in regards to how my sister doesn’t “trust” the men in the family after the really awkward shower mix up (a third time). So with money tighter than Oprah’s kitten trapped underneath her couch cushion, here’s a retard’s guide to Switzerland.
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Sneak peek at the new Lego Pirates for 2009

Lego Pirate Theme Returning2009 will mark the return of the popular Lego Pirate theme launched in 1989 and abruptly discontinued in 1997. I am huge fan of the Pirate theme and have four of the Black Seas Barracuda which is my favorite set of all time.
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Argentina sweeps Olympics in retarded humor with slit-eyed pics

Argentina Wins!Argentina is well known for losing to larger countries in battle, first the Falkland Islands and now apparently the South American country is looking to be defeated by the Chinese. WIthout a Chinese version of the Falkland Islands nearby (save Vancouver) Argentina is making an Olympic effort to upset the Chinese into defeating them.
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