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A retard’s guide to e-commerce

Stores OnlineWorking for a company that doesn’t survive based on the Internet is becoming more unique. Most companies that aren’t failing don’t survive entirely on the Internet for income, which might be a good thing. For those on the web that succeed, there’s no question that they are hoping to brand something different that makes them the next Facebook or MySpace or Retard Empire.

The problem with a lot of ideas is that they are kept in the minds of the holder and never released to spew out all over the place and coat their juices onto unsuspecting potential victims customers.

So what should you do if you have an idea but don’t have the proper tools currently at your disposal to subject humanity to your wisdom?

Of course I have a solution for this situation, Storesonline Ecommerce Opportunity!

According to the Storesonline Ecommerce Opportunity they are dedicated to the small business owner, so maybe they are dedicated specifically to you. Though I’m not sure what they would do for you, since the only links on their site that work are to nearly 3-dozen sites that they are trying to link exchange with, while only having one other functional link on their web page, which is a Google search referral box. Of course, this is a great idea if they themselves are a small business owner and they are trying to get business based on web searches.

Overall, I would like to sign up and see what Storesonline Ecommerce Opportunity could do for Retard Empire, but I have no way of finding out today.

Hello Quality – hello Storesonline!

Change… to Storesonline today!

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Posted By: Michael Sharpe

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