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A retard’s guide to nerd income

A retard's guide to nerd incomeYou are a nerd, live in your parent’s basement (or attic if you live in the Western United States), and you need to prove social stature to your nerd friends that you are better than they are. Well, you could either watch NUMB3RS and laugh along with me at their antiquated mathematical equations, or you could sell your life and soul.

How do you prove your nerd status level? Well, you can do the easy thing and battle friends in D&D or you could just play WOW (that’s World Of Warcraft for you non-nerds) or you could show up your friends by going ahead and deciding to sell WOW account online now!

That’s right, you could stop reading this fabulous review about a site that helps you sell your WOW account and just go online and sell it. The benefits besides selling your hard earned work for money, is you will be able to challenge your friends to a “my virtual life is worth more than your virtual life” contest.

I’m no where smart enough to spend hours online playing a game that will yield me less income than recycling cans and bottles I find in trash cans, but the good news is that you are that smart!

Sell your player and start making a new one. After another 6 months holed-up inside of mommy and daddy’s house you will earn yourself enough money to buy more Skittles and Coke.

Or if you are the last in your nerd-pack, you can buy characters off of the people that have spent their lifetimes making their player the ultimate. The advantage is that in many circles you can’t buy nerd status so easily, but here you can. You can buy and sell wow account and maybe even find other nerds to trade ideas with on this virtual wonderland that is World of Warcraft.

Unless you decided to walk outside and smell the air and see other human beings.

If you do decide to sell or buy a WOW character, leave a message here and your nerd-dentity will remain secret.

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Posted By: Michael Sharpe

News Category: Review, Technerd



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