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Base jumper falls 1000 feet and lives

Base JumperMost people die from a short 150 foot jump off a bridge but not Norwegian base jumper Hans Lange. Lange, 44 feel about 1,000 feet only to land on a tree and survive with only a broken leg.

The jumper captured the entire horrible episode on video that is too disturbing to watch (below)

Lange admits he was too nonchalant and had to be rescued by a helicopter after being trapped in a tree 300 feet up. The accident happened August. 23rd, as Hans jumped from the 5,250 foot high Bjoerketind peak in Norway.

He said he was lucky to be alive but wasn’t about to quit base jumping.

“When I have recovered I will jump again,” he said. “It all comes down to better planning. It’s a fantastic feeling to fly along a mountainside.”

“I have never considered this as a last jump,” the base-jumper said after his ordeal. “Lying there, floating along the mountain side, feeling the hairs stand in your neck, and you are in complete control. It’s a wonderful feeling, and a feeling I seek and will always do.”

Lange said he was flying down the mountainside at nearly 180 kph (110 mph) when he realized he was too close to the wall.

He deployed his chute and tried to steer away from the wall, but it was too late. The video showed Lange crying out in pain as he bumped into the rock repeatedly while trying to untangle the cords.

The fall came to an abrupt end when he slammed into a tree about 100 meters (330 feet) above the planned landing site.

Britain’s Daily Telegraph soberly notes that since 1981, there have been at least 123 fatalities related to the sport.

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

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