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Destination Truth: The most retarded show on TV

Most popular suicide destinations At work I like to watch a TV show or movie during lunch and the Sci-Fi Channel’s Destination Truth is totally retard-worthy entertainment. It may not have emmy written all over here are ten cool things about the show / reasons to watch it…

Real Danger

Destination TruthThese wacky kids repel down cliffs, go diving in murky water, and generally are looking to get hurt. While they may never be ripped apart by a monster the show does seem like a slasher movie. Even with a medic on the team

One day someone could get hurt, and here are the five most likely causes:

  1. Diseases Eating, swimming and stumbling through third world countries chalk full of parasites, flu’s, and viruses that no inoculation can save you from is the most likely cause of death for one of the cast members.
  2. Murder don’t be surprised to see them kidnapped and or murdered in some third world country.
  3. Risky Travel this gang is constantly taking small airplanes, leaky boats and all manner of low budget transportation has all the earmarks of an unhappy ending.
  4. WIld Animals these kids constantly chase after things in the dark in jungles teaming with lions and venomous snakes someday they could wind up being dinner.
  5. Falling gravity might take one of the cast as they walk a lot in the dark near cliffs, and stumble through the forest.
Filmed at Night Whenever Possible
Destination TruthWhenever possible Destination Truth spends their precious few hours investigating in the dark. At night this suspiciously moving brush turned out to be a bug. Everything is spookier in the dark and a couple reflections could be a monster staring from the dark.
Could Double as Travel / Food Show
Destination TruthIn their journeys this adventurous group is constantly trying new and often disgusting local delicacies. Although you rarely see them down the food it’s likely this under-budget group is eating in five star restaurants. If the show fails as a sci-fi show it can easily go over to the Travel Channel.
Only Four Cameras
Destination TruthThey might show camera 11, 8 and 7 but at the end of the day there are only four stationary cameras. They do break cameras on this show from dropping, water intrusion, and all the horrors of filming out in the open. So this is probably the 11th camera they have purchased.
Token Girl for Eye Candy & Screaming
Destination TruthRyder seems to have very little purpose on the show other than screaming at anything that goes bump in the night and providing some eye candy. She’s constantly refusing to go anywhere that scares her and aside from her good looks and ability to scream on demand she appears to serve no other useful purpose.
They Never Will Find Anything
Destination TruthThis show is the ultimate wild goose chase. They have never found anything (save the Yeti footprint that made the news). At most there will be a blurry image, or an odd sound but you won’t have to worry about getting scared. This show is fun, and it was funny to watch that important bag of monster scat turn out to be river otter poop after being taken in for DNA matching. Granted a six hour investigation is unlikely to yield much more than humor but this show is more likely to win the lottery than find anything of note.
Crazy Eye-Witnesses
Destination TruthThere are crazy people all around the world and Destination Truth has craze-dar and never seems to have problems finding eye-witnesses to whatever phenomenon they are hunting. If you need to find witnesses who have seen a worm monster these guys will find them and put them on screen spinning their tales.
Somewhat Intentinal Humor
Destination TruthSo they never find anything, so what if it’s low budget it’s not the destination it’s the journey. In one episode Josh hams it up giving his rickshaw driver a ride and making fun of his on show and investigation along the way. Sure he couldn’t make it as a stand up comic, but he’s entertaining and keeps the show light hearted and enjoyable wisecracking his way around the globe on his futile quest for monsters.
Sci-Fi Tourists not Investigators
Destination TruthTypically the cast will fly around the world on a 28 hour round trip flight, spend a full day each way traveling by land to their investigation site normally by car. They then spend a few hours setting up their cameras and walk around for a couple of hours. Then once morning light comes pack up and go home. These aren’t investigators as much as they are sci-fi tourists.
Skepticism & Sarcasm Saves it
Destination TruthJosh Gates isn’t just the star of the show, he is the show. His disbelieving facial gestures and wisecracks take the tiny shreds of entertainment and push it over the line to being a watchable waste of an hour. Every far fetched witness will get at least one obligatory eyebrow raise, facial gesture or silly comment. He tends to say what you would think and say it out loud, and doesn’t gloss over the fact they didn’t find anything for the twenty-seventh time in a row. If this show took itself seriously it would be unwatchable.
Filmed in Abandoned Warehouse
Destination TruthDestination truth seems to have a slightly higher than the budget of Ghost Hunters who travels in a plumber’s van but not by much. Their headquarters is located in a run-down warehouse in Downtown Los Angeles. There are only a few wire bookcases, bare walls, a chalkboard, couch and a couple of desks in their upstairs offices. This fly by night operation obviously rents out it’s offices when they aren’t filming and packs everything up in a small storage locker.


The Cast…
Destination TruthJoshua Gates
Lead Investigator / Wisecracking on-air personality for Destination Truth.
Destination TruthCasey Brumels
Camera operator, co-executive producer – Casey basically plays on his laptop while Joshua trudges out into the jungles like any good executive.
Destination TruthErin Ryder
They call her a producer or a researcher – really she’s just eye candy who can scream on cue.
Destination TruthJarrod Tomassi
Medic – miles from hospitals he is their only hope if someone gets injured – other than that he’s pretty useless.
The Full Cast
Full Cast

Eric Wing, and Drew Adams lead up the people that you don’t see normally taking pictures of Josh saying "I’ll go up here and see if it’s safe" with Eric already up there filming him.
The Monsters…
Destination TruthTokeloshe Destination TruthDeath Worm
Destination TruthTarasque Destination TruthWild Man
Destination TruthYeti Destination TruthPopobawa
Destination TruthHauntings Destination TruthKongomato
Destination TruthMoleke Mbembe Destination TruthGiant Anaconda
Destination TruthMapinguary Destination TruthRi
Destination TruthIguanadon Destination TruthPhayan Naga
Destination TruthGhosts Destination TruthNahelito
Destination TruthRopen Destination TruthEl Lobizon
Destination TruthMamlambo Destination TruthEl Pombero
Destination TruthBigfoot  

As yet none of the monsters have appeared on camera…


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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

News Category: Abandoned, Celebrity


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