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Cold war bunker in Berlin to be sealed forever

Honecker BunkerLocated 25 miles north of Berlin a secret underground complex built during the cold war has been put on temporary display. The 170 room bunker complex built for East German leader Erich Honecker and 400 of his staff will soon be sealed forever.
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Awesome new Lego Death Star

Lego Death StarIn a couple of weeks you can get one of the coolest lego sets of all time – The 10188 Death Star. The round kit has three separate levels with 24 minifigures and sections representing the major parts of the Death Star from the original Star Wars movies (pre Jar-Jar).
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Water skiing shopping cart

Water Skiing Shopping CartNothing brings more class to a neighborhood than a shopping cart and a lake is no exception. This dress wearing stuntman modifies this shopping cart for water skiing hi-jinx.
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Complete guide to things banned in Saudi Arabia

Banned in Saudi Arabia Appearing in public with out a veil is just one of the things you aren’t supposed to do in Saudi Arabia. To avoid confusion we have compiled a list of things you aren’t allowed to do in the happiest Kingdom on Earth to avoid any unwanted arrests, imprisonments or socially embarrassing be-headings.
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Base jumper falls 1000 feet and lives

Base JumperMost people die from a short 150 foot jump off a bridge but not Norwegian base jumper Hans Lange. Lange, 44 feel about 1,000 feet only to land on a tree and survive with only a broken leg.
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Worst hotel in the world: Big Apple Metro Hotel in Woking

Most popular suicide destinations The Metro Hotel in Surrey England has won the prestigious World Hotel Review Association’s award for "Worst Hotel in the World" for 2008. With just under one hundred thousand hotels in the world the Big Apple property had to go out of it’s way to earn that title so read how they were able to do it…
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Sneak peek at Lego Indiana Jones sets for 2009

Indiana JonesLego is introducing some classic Indiana Jones sets for 2009 and here’s a sneak peek at the Flying Wing: 7683 and Shanghai Chase: 7682 sets.
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Bring the Olympics to your home town

Most popular suicide destinations The Olympics won’t be coming to your home town without a billion dollar budget, millions in bribes and kickbacks and recently it requires a suppressive communist government. Don’t let that or a lack of international level athletic talent stop you from competing your home town’s very first Olympic games.
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