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Insane mother breastfeeds 8-year-old child

Insane mother breastfeeds 8-year-old childVeronika Robinson an editor for a natural-parenting magazine appeared on national TV to explain why she is still breastfeeding her daughter who is nearly eight – and why she gave her older daughter breast milk as a ninth birthday present.


Kids Are Too Big
Crazy WickensThe very large cannot even suckle from their mother without the use of a couch. When a kid is almost as big as you are and has sharp teeth it’s time to quit getting milked.
Mother Just Being Cheap
Crazy WickensWith milk prices nearly doubling over the past ten years a gallon of milk is frequently more expensive than gasoline. Veronika may be into organic foods and all, but she’s not rich and it looks like she’s just trying to save money.
Kids Draw Milkior and Boobidor
Crazy WickensIt’s bad enough the kids are still breastfeeding at 8, but they’re drawing pictures of their Milkior and Boobidor (their pet names for Mommy’s milk jugs). This obsessive behavior will undoubtedly manifest itself later in life.
Breast Milk for 9th Birthday
Crazy WickensIn an interview for a TV program 38-year-old Veronika described her reaction when Bethany asked for breast milk for her ninth birthday. “I was delighted’ she said. Her child describes the taste as better than mango, and "better than a million melons."
Making Up Stats

Crazy Wickens They claim "The worldwide average for weaning is 4 years and 2 months of age." One often hears that the worldwide average age of weaning is 4.2 years, but this figure is neither accurate nor meaningful. A survey of 64 "traditional" studies done prior to the 1940s showed a median duration of breastfeeding of about 2.8 years, but with some societies breastfeeding for much shorter, and some for much longer. In developed countries the average is less than one year.

Kids Have Named the Breasts
Crazy WickensThe seven-year-old had given names to the breasts. Milkior and Boobidor. Now that’s creepier than anything out of Harry Potter. Their mother gushes (no pun intended) about the attention her breasts receive from her children and how it makes her feel better about herself.
Kid Never Wants to Stop
Crazy WickensElizah is approaching her eighth birthday and is not happy at the prospect of giving up her daily feed. “I don’t want to be weaned. I want to breast feed for ever,” she said. Here is what an old lady would look like feeding long after her mother was able to continue her feedings.
Crazy Wiccan Grace
Crazy WickensMeals begin with this interesting version of grace:

Earth who gives to us this food,
Sun who makes it ripe and good,
Dear Earth, Dear Sun, by you we live,
Our loving thanks to you we give.

Bizarre Touching Routine
Crazy WickensIn what has to be the world’s most bizarre morning ritual the girls (2:18 into the video) like to touch her breasts. They don’t like her wearing bras and have taken ownership in their mother’s milk receptacles. Veronika is clearly getting to much enjoyment over this whole thing.
Husband Paul is Typical British Wimp
Crazy WickensTwo world wars have robbed England’s gene pool of it’s males with high levels of testosterone. The leftovers of 1.267 million war dead, in context within a population of about 47 million is staggering when considering military service draws from males between 17 and 30. Those who survived this culling tend to be passive, shy and non-assertive and have passed on there genes to wimps like Paul who stand by and allow this insanity to continue.
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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

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6 Responses to “Insane mother breastfeeds 8-year-old child”

  1. This Video is about 2 years old. It seems the mother is trying to pardon this gag inducing pun, milk more publicity, and attention for what’s it’s worth. It would be even more contraversial, if she were Breastfeeding her 8 year old son.
    It’s like watching that show 17 and counting, the children in the Duggar family all seem to adjust, do they have a choice, that they will be having more siblings, you cringe alittle, but it’s their choice. The point is no one would care or report on such things if they weren’t out of the ordinary. Veronica is going to go through the worst weening, when her girls hit puberty.

    lin on 12 Nov 2008 at 10:19 am
  2. As a ” VERY” strong supporter of extended breastfeeding; I honestly don’t think that it’s anyone’s business as to how long any mother should continue breastfeeding their child. Who cares if the child is beyond 3 years of age and still nursing. I honestly believe that’s one of the most beautiful ways a mother and child can bond together after being away from each other the whole day. Whenever a mother is breastfeeding her older child that’s ” ABSOLUTELY” none of no one else’s business but hers. Whenever the child decides to totally stop breastfeeding; then I believe the child should have enough sense to tell his or her mother that they’re ready to be weaned from the breast. If I ever saw a mother breastfeeding her older child; I’d probably inform her that she’s giving her child the most nutritious milk in all the world…. Her Breastmilk!! and to keep it up for as long as her child feels the need to continue breastfeeding!!.

    Steve McPhail on 18 Jul 2009 at 11:22 am
  3. There is a crticial shortage of informative articles like this.

    Kamberley on 09 Jul 2011 at 3:09 am
  4. I am an adult user of breast milk as a treatment for pre cancer lymph nodes. The going rate for breast milk where I live is a dollar an ounce. Please consider pumping your precious gift of life and health, so others may live and not die. You could also pump your breast, then give your eight year old the milk, with no mean remarks made for your efforts to protect her against certain cancers.

    Shelia Smith on 28 Jul 2011 at 6:54 pm
  5. I am a user of breast milk as a treatment for pre cancer lymph nodes. The going rate for breast milk where I live is one dollar per ounce. Please consider pumping your milk to help save a life. you could also pump your breast ans still give the eight year old some protection from certain types of cancer, through the use of a cup. This would give her protection and keep you from being treated mean by others who cannot give this precious gift of life.

    Shelia Smith on 28 Jul 2011 at 7:02 pm
  6. Hi there, I wish to add to Steve Mc Phailcomment about breast feeding an eight year old No bodies Business. If that is the case Veronica and her calves should not have promoted their suckling practices on a Television Programme that gas been shown all over the world and on the Internet. Then no one would be makingb speculation. Obviously Veronick was quite prepared for this to Promote her Magazine. She has received an enormous amount of Publicity from this.
    I don’t disagree that breast milk should not be used as a Cancer Treatment. I do disagree that grown children are breast fed in Public. I Veroinka was breasting feed boys,Child service would had been called to investigate!!!.

    I don’t think that it is Natural that the girls have pet names for their Mothers breasts, or have ownership over them. I would not be surprised if they both of the girls grow up with Lesbian tendtendencies!. Children are products of their invironment. Young girls being obsessed with their mothers Breasts is very odd.
    I have to question the real motives behind Veronika encouraging this. Is she getting off on it? Or is she avoiding Menstruation? I believe lactation over a long period of time postpones this.
    Obviously the girls are home schooled so there is no peer pressure. I am curious to know if the girls are still being Breast Fed in 2011. Does anyone know?

    joanne betschart on 16 Oct 2011 at 10:58 am

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