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Planning the world’s most retarded vacation

Worlds most retarded vacationIt’s not often that we talk about our personal lives on this site, but Michael is planning the most retarded vacation of all time and I just had to share. His new girl we will call ‘married girl’ is taking a vacation next month and he’s booked a room on the same cruise sneak in some quality time with her. Continue Reading »

Life was better when phishing was spelled with an F

Life was better when phishing was spelled with an FPlease poke out one of my eyes and take me to wherever the blind people live, I think that I would make a good king. I know that wherever I ruled, the word phishing would be spelled only with the letter F and whoever stole my money from Sterling Savings Bank would be put to death. The worst part is that I had saved all my recycled cans/bottles money in the local Sterling bank. Continue Reading »

The Last Winter shows how drilling in ANWR could end the world

Last Winter Disease The Last Winter is a cautionary tale about the dangers of drilling in ANWAR. No not global warming, or oil spills but a dangerous and mysterious disease called TLW Disease. It can cause airplanes to crash, ghost dinosaur attacks, homicide, suicide and will basically bring about the end of the world.
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Citi credit card fraud spam costs me $7,681.93

Credit card fraudLast week my life was literally ruined when I received an email from what I thought was citi fraud protection. The very official looking email looked like the real thing to me and upon getting I rushed to unlock my account. Fortunately I documented everything and hopefully others can learn from my $7,681.93 mistake.
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