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Top 10 retarded allergy treatment scams

Allergy Scams Allergies effect nearly 20% of Americans whose bodies respond abnormally to usually harmless substances in the environment. With such a wide range of allergic reactions it’s impossible for medicine to treat all of the symptoms leaving many searching for effective treatments. Here are the most dubious scam treatments you should avoid like the plague..

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Help put an end to dolphin predators

Predator Dolphins Until recently these crimes of remained an unreported, with this video evidence together we can help put an end to dolphin predators. Only with your help can we make the world a better place for everyone above and below the world’s oceans.
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A retard’s guide to cheating

Retards Guide to Cheating Cheating isn’t just for politicians who want to get elected anymore – you too can use the web to cheat your way to happiness for less than you might think. Here is our retarded guide to cheating on the internet.
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Top 10 showkillers on TV

Top 10 Showkillers A show-killer is an actor who’s mere presence can spell cancellation for a TV series. Here is our list of Hollywood’s ten most lethal TV stars.

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It’s game time

Oprah retirement Playing games has been around since the first caveman found a rock and started throwing it at other cavemen. What today is referred to as dodgeball use to be dodgerock, but what about less physical games that only require an Internet connection and fingers not too dirty from eating Fritos and Nerds.
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The DSe hybrid solar powered boat a Titanic disaster?

Solar Powered Boat The DSe hybrid is a brand new 42 foot boat promising "green cruising". What could go wrong building buying a $600,000 dollar boat from a startup company promising a miraculous new product? Here’s our top ten reasons you might want to wait for reviews before rushing out to buy one.

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What will Oprah do when she retires?

Oprah retirement Oprah Winfrey has announced her retirement from her popular TV show in 2011. The question all of us loyal fans have on our minds is just what will the queen of daytime do once she gives up her crown?
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Even more controversial ads for The Family Place

Child AbuseThe Family Place is a Dallas based group that has drawn lots of attention for a controversial ad campaign. Here are their ads plus some even more controversial ones that they should have run…
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Documentary on post election stress disorder

Post election malaiseToday millions of Americans across the country are coming to terms with the fact the election is over. After the war it’s difficult to return to everyday life and post election stress disorder is a real disease and it’s effecting people across the country. This video shows the human costs of America’s most expensive election…
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Recession survival guide for retards

2008 Recession Guide With the recession certain consumer items will be too expensive and others will prove to be relatively recession-proof. Look at our handy guide and find out how you can save thousands of dollars and lower your carbon footprint at the same time!
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