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It’s game time

Oprah retirement Playing games has been around since the first caveman found a rock and started throwing it at other cavemen. What today is referred to as dodgeball use to be dodgerock, but what about less physical games that only require an Internet connection and fingers not too dirty from eating Fritos and Nerds.

Online Communities…

World of Warcraft (1994) 11 million subscribers

World Of Warcraft
The game revolves around having virtual players running around a virtual world with virtual friends that are virtually all as nerdy as you are. There are now websites (wow dk) that are made for buying and selling of World Of Warcraft virtual goods, for real money. Though I don’t know if I would ever try to trade real money for virtual things, it seems that there is a good business in it. Currently there are hundreds of websites linking to WoW. There are WoW guarantees and warranties and I’m sure that if your player gets injured, they’ll sell you WoW insurance too. Have you ever thought about selling your account and hard earned time for some small financial gain? You should..you don’t have anything else going for you.

Fun Fact 1: In June 2005 a four-month-old South Korean child had suffocated due to neglect by her parents, who were at a nearby café playing World of Warcraft.
Fun Fact 2: The government of the People’s Republic of China introduced an online gaming restriction to people under 18-years-old limiting playing time to 3 hours.

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More about Buymyaccounts…

Buy My AccountsThe critics might say that part of the gaming experience is that you take on a character and go through all the levels of a game, thereby learning and upgrading as you go. BuyMMOAccounts responds to this by saying that the time you spend on upgrading a character can be best spent on enjoying the game with a fully loaded character. We say, to each his own! Saving up on time is definitely a plus point if you consider the amount of time one has to spend on an MMO upgrading their character so they can enjoy the advance stages of the game and BuyMMOAccounts offers an easy way for those who wish to jump ahead. We say they’re just traditionalists like baseball fans, and cheating is the american way.

Think of buymyaccounts as steroids, they give you an unfair advantage but help you win at the end of the day.

Here are just some of the great deals you can get right now on pre-owned (not used) WOW accounts!

Level 70 Troll Shaman (PVP)
Scare all of your friends, and kill your ememies like the schoolyard bullies who tormented your life, finally get even with them and rule WoW with this alter ego who can go on the killing spree that you can only fantasize about until the waiting period is over…

Reference #4920

Level 70 Blood Elf Paladin (PVP)
This amazing Blood Elf is not only a killer level 70 character (not really sure what that means) but she is hot, hot, hot, hot. Forget your girlfriend you can just have her over and over. She will do whatevery you command even that embarrasing thing your gilfriend laughed at and accused you of being gay over…

Reference #5049

Habbo (2000) 8 million subscribers
Aimed at teenagers aged 13-17, Habbo features chat rooms rendered by isometric projection in the form of virtual hotel rooms. The service gains revenue from credits bought with real-life currency. Credits are used to buy products such as virtual furniture for the virtual hotel rooms and stickers for user pages.

Fun Fact 1: 8 million users have made over 100 million players, meaning each user has on average 12 to 13 personalities.
Fun Fact 2: The “Great Habbo Raid of ’06” occurred during 2006. In the raid (and most others), users signed up to the Habbo site dressed in avatars of an African American wearing a suit and Afro and blocked entry to the pool declaring that it was “closed due to AIDS“.
Fun Fact 3: On 14 November 2007, a 17-year-old was arrested by police for allegedly stealing virtual furniture bought with real money worth up to $5,000.

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Runescape (2001) 15 million subscribers
Taking place in the fantasy-themed realm of Gielinor, which is divided into several different kingdoms, regions, and cities. Players can travel throughout Gielinor on foot, by using magical teleportation spells and devices, or mechanical means of transportation.

Fun Fact 1: over 160 servers are used for RuneScape, with enough processing power to help cure AIDS and cancer, or allow nerds to live in a virtual wilderness.
Fun Fact 2: complaints focus on incidents of scamming, general spamming, and arguing amongst players.

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Club Penguin (2006) 12 million subscribers
Club PenguinUsing cartoon penguins as avatars, players waddle around, chat, play minigames and participate in other activities with one another in a snow-covered virtual world. At the point when they were purchased by Disney, Club Penguin had 12 million accounts, of which 700,000 were paid subscribers, and were generating $40 million in annual revenue.

Fun Fact 1: Members have access to virtual Members-only parties hosted by Club Penguin.
Fun Fact 2: criticism expressed by commentators is that the game encourages consumerism, which equates personal happiness with the purchase of material possessions (ya, because that wouldn’t happen without Club Penguin).

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Webkinz (2005) 1-2 million subscribers
Webkinz are stuffed animals that were originally released by the Ganz company on April 29, 2005. The toys are similar to many other small plush toys. However, each Webkinz toy has an attached tag with a unique “Secret Code” printed on it that allows access to the “Webkinz World” website. On Webkinz World, the Secret Code allows the user to own a virtual version of the pet for virtual interaction.

Fun Fact 1: programming errors have caused many users to lose virtual items, Kinzcash and even pets and entire rooms.
Fun Fact 2: Employees of stores that sell Webkinz products have expressed dismay over various aspects of the Webkinz craze. Many employees have complained about customers who frequently ask about when the new Webkinz styles will arrive, and are concerned by the number of Webkinz some parents purchase.

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Toontown (2003) 2-3 million subscribers
Created by The Walt Disney Company and billed as the first such game intended for kids and families. The game has an ESRB rating of E, for Cartoon Violence and Comic Mischief. In the game, each player takes the role of a Toon — a cartoon character based on an anthropomorphic animal: a dog, cat, duck, horse, mouse, rabbit, monkey, bear or pig. Players choose the species and customize the look of their toons when they first start the game.

Fun Fact 1: Toontown contains no PVP battles, hence one player cannot “kill” another.
Fun Fact 2: Most players use the built-in Toon name generator, which allows them to construct a name by clicking on one or more pre-approved “toony” words (“Super Pinky”, “Princess Rainbow Twinkletoon”, “Sir Funnymonkey”, etc). If a player chooses to submit a custom name, they must wait for someone at Disney to approve it. Custom names that are rejected will sometimes be approved if they are tried again. Names are not unique — multiple Toons can have the same name.

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Posted By: Michael Sharpe

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  1. Don’t let your victories go to your head, or your failures go to your heart. Invite them for dinner.

    Ken Latersson on 06 Oct 2010 at 5:52 pm

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