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Tiger Wood’s new job

Tiger Woods New JobTiger Woods has recently found himself semi-unemployed, and with inflation looming he’ll need to find himself another job soon if he wants to maintain the lifestyle he’s accustomed to. Here are six recession proof industries that can afford to employ Tiger through these difficult times.
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Top 10 radical changes to save the economy & the planet

Save the Economy and the World House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently said on ABC that abortion & contraception funding in the new stimulus package will save the government money. They reduce costs for children’s health, and education. These are drastic times, so here are some more drastic measures to save even more cash, turn this economy around and help save the planet.

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Evidence indicates Flight 1549 brought down by terrorists

Terrorist Attack on Flight 1549 According to multiple sources within both the FBI and CIA the crash of US Airways fight 1549 is now being investigated as a possible terrorist attack. The still highly classified investigation is outlines why investigators believe what was originally thought to be a bird strike now appears to be a well orchestrated attack by Al Qaeda on American commercial aircraft.

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Retard’s guide to dealing with collection agencies

Collection Agencies GuideAre you in debt, are you receiving harassing phone calls at work and getting bills saying you owe someone money? If so you need to read the retard’s guide to collection agencies…

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10 biggest curses in Hollywood

Hollywood Curses Here are the ten biggest Hollywood curses of all time according to our crack team of researchers and the first page of Google search results on the subject.

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Eye makeup: tattoos for women who can’t make up their minds

Eye Makeup Some women simply wear eye makeup and other women take the opportunity to put graffiti on themselves up without the cost or permanence of a tattoo. Here are the ten most common eye makeup facial gang signs to look out for.

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Retards guide to why you need health insurance

Retards Guide to Why You Need Health Insurance Not having health insurance and not planning to commit suicide is like driving without car insurance. Here are the top ten retarded reasons you should have health insurance.

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A straight guy’s guide to buying intimates for your girl

Buying Intimates Online So you’ve decided to get your women some intimates, and being a guy you have no clue what to get them or where to go. Here is an idiot’s guide to getting them something that might get you some and avoiding any pitfalls.

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Reasons to drink alcohol

Reasons to drink alcoholSince exercise is a new fad and people are concerned about their health in greater ways than they ever have been in known history, it makes sense to talk about the alcohol. So grab a can of beer or a glass of wine and start learning why you should be consuming more alcohol.

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10 tips to avoid getting laid off and win Office Survivor

Avoid Getting Laid Off This new recession is brutal and it’s time to start playing hardball to keep your job. Think about that TV Show Survivor and remember if you get mugged on a date you only have to run faster than your girl. Follow our survival tips and find out how you can keep your job and maybe even your home.

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