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A straight guy’s guide to buying intimates for your girl

Buying Intimates Online So you’ve decided to get your women some intimates, and being a guy you have no clue what to get them or where to go. Here is an idiot’s guide to getting them something that might get you some and avoiding any pitfalls.

Guys Shopping at Victoria’s Secret Alone Creepy
Face it a man shopping for underwear at Victoria’s Secret is going to be frowned upon. You will get weird stares and worse yet if you try any of that on and like it you’ve got a whole new batch of problems to deal with. Online intimate shopping is the safe and less embarrassing alternative for men. 1

Women Shop in Herds
Women can’t go to the bathroom by themselves and if one women starts wearing a construction tool belt to work other will follow. Unless you’re gay you will have no clue where the herd is going, an online social shopping site is your only window to where the herd is going. 2
Gives You Someone Else to Blame

Odds are women are picky and having an online person gives you someone else to blame. If you use a real girl to go shopping with that will only lead to problems so these online underwear shoppers give you an out and a possible nighttime fantasy.

Valid Excuse For Staring at Women in Underwear
Normally staring at women in underwear will get you in trouble but this is research and is fully justifiable if you get caught doing it. As for the two asian girls and the octopus you’re on your own for explaining that one. 4
Better Prices Than Store Shopping
With the economy tanking and the odds of you being laid off in the next year pretty high, the last thing you need is extra credit card debt to try and pay off with an unemployment check. Physical stores are only good for seeing things in person before you run home and compare prices online. 5
You Have No Clue What to Buy
Face it if left to your own devices you will either buy something she hates or is so slutty you wind up getting slapped. Unless you have a creepy secret and parade in women’s underwear you’ll just be wasting money. 6
Social Shopping is the Latest Technology
Social shopping is the latest technology – just like iPhones, hybrid cars and jet packs. If you’re not using social shopping sites for your product purchasing you might as well be weaving your own lady undergarment in your barn. 7
Happy Girl Equals Happy Little You
Girl being happy is very likely to make your day better. She’s in underwear and feeling sexy so the odds of getting some are hugely increased. Most underwear costs less than a fancy meal so score one for you and saving money. 8
See Girl in Underwear
Any excuse is a good excuse to see women in underwear even if it’s one you’ve seen too many times before. The whole modeling in her underwear thing could add another year or two to the relationship. 9
Segway Into Threesome
This one is a remote possibility, but if this imaginary girl is picking out unmentionables for your women she might be more open to a threesome. This onine underwear picker if played correctly could put another woman in bed with the two of you. 10

A book written by American journalist James Surowiecki, “The Wisdom of Crowds: Why the Many Are Smarter Than the Few and How Collective Wisdom Shapes Business, Economies, Societies, and Nations” discusses group thinking and information exchange resulting in better decisions that those thought of by just an individual.

1. Diversity of Opinion – Individuals in a social shopping network should know private information on prices and rare product finds.

2. Independence – Shopping information should not be determined by the opinion of the rest of the group. In social shopping, this means that one should also be able to search find products and other shopping deals on his own, and avoid looking at certain sites just because majority of the group does.

3. Decentralization – Social shoppers should simply be able to draw their own information from knowledge available via the Internet.

4. Aggregation – Private judgments, findings, and deals must be shared within a trusted network or groups of co-social shoppers for the network or group to weave a common decision.

Online shoppers can easily display such characteristics mentioned above, seemingly because those four are innate of them. Now that we know what makes a social shopper, let’s visit one social shopping website.

Social shopping sites with such names as Kaboodle, ThisNext, Wishpot and StyleHive combine two of the Web’s most prominent activities: engaging in commerce and chatting with like-minded folks. The sites don’t directly sell things, but encourage users to share links to good bargains, obscure finds, products that work and ones that don’t.

The results look much like colorful social-networking Web pages such as Facebook and MySpace, complete with personal information and lists of friends who share particular interests. But on social shopping sites, the photos and discussions revolve around products.

Many users find it utterly addicting, logging on at least daily to see products that other people are looking for or have discovered. These members say the shopping lists their fellow users post are often funky, personal elements of self-expression, as much as that may sound like an overly exalted way of describing what is, after all, consumption.

Here is where I looked, StyleHive seemed to have the best online community, and nicer looking pictures:

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

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