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Evidence indicates Flight 1549 brought down by terrorists

Terrorist Attack on Flight 1549 According to multiple sources within both the FBI and CIA the crash of US Airways fight 1549 is now being investigated as a possible terrorist attack. The still highly classified investigation is outlines why investigators believe what was originally thought to be a bird strike now appears to be a well orchestrated attack by Al Qaeda on American commercial aircraft.

Ultralight Photographed in Nearby Wetlands
This photograph was taken last November near Wayne county in upstate New York at the federal Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge. Officials are trying to identify the two men of middle eastern descent who were seen operating this ultralight over the wetlands for at least six weeks. The men were seen loading and unloading the small aircraft that would have been invisible to radar from a blue Toyota pickup truck with New Jersey license plates.

This 2005 Usama Bin Laden Video
Nearly three minutes into a 2005 video of Usama Bin Laden a small formation of large birds can be seen passing overhead. The unnoticed frames are now being investigated to determine if the large birds were indeed geese which are not native to Pakistan where it is believed Usama was at the time the video was taken.
Al Qaeda Chatter & Video Now Showing Geese

Internet postings over the last few days are mentioning images of geese, including this photo clearly showing an Al Qaeda spokesman with a Canadian Goose above his right shoulder. Analysts have noted recent mentions of a ‘Winged Holy Avenger’. on Message boards and Blogs with links to Al Qaeda.

First Double Bird Strike in World Aviation History

With millions of commercial airline takeoffs over the last hundred years the fact that one occurred within a mile of the world trade center site is looking less and less like a random coincidence.

The Perfect Terrorist

The Canadian Goose is the perfect anti-aircraft missile for terrorists. Even after years of water boarding at Guantanamo Bay it will never reveal it’s secrets. The bird is a true stealth aircraft nearly invisible to radar. At four pounds it can bring down any aircraft from an F-16 to a 747.


Nobel Prize Winner Proved Geese Can be Trained

Konrad Zacharias Lorenz was an Austrian zoologist, animal psychologist, ornithologist and Nobel Prize winner. He is often regarded as one of the founders of modern ethology and studied instinctive behavior in animals, especially in greylag geese and jackdaws. Working with geese, he rediscovered the principle of imprinting and proved geese could be trained.

Geese Spotted Circling in Flight Path
Bird watchers within the New York area have spotted Canadian geese circling in formation within five miles of La Guardia airport. The behavior of the geese was highly unusual as the animals were making repeated orbits in formation rather than flying in one direction.
Geese Were Canadian

It is no mistake these were Canadian geese, terrorist organizations are known to be operating there due to their much softer anti-terrorism policies. Canada has the most generous asylum system of any country in the world. Any individual who arrives in Canada or who reaches Canadian territorial waters has the right under law to submit a claim for protection under the UN Convention. The lack of an effective pre-screening mechanism enables almost 100 percent of claimants to receive a formal hearing with free legal advice. No other country has a higher approval rate. The head of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) reported to the Canadian Parliament in June 1998 that there were more than 50 terrorist organizations operating in the country.

Large Orders of Goose Call Whistles to Pakistan

Officials at the US State Department were alerted to a huge influx of orders for Goose call whistles to Pakistan over the last several years. The specialty horns are used to attract geese by simulating a goose call. Originally it was believed that the terrorists were using the horns for hunting birds in remote mountain areas for food, but when combined with other intelligence their purpose became clear.

Experts Say Attack Was Only a Matter of Time

Another attack on American soil was only a matter of time according to most experts. A spectacular attack in the heart of New York would be the most attractive target to Al Qaeda due to it’s history with 9/11 and the coverage such an attack would receive.

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

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3 Responses to “Evidence indicates Flight 1549 brought down by terrorists”

  1. If there’s any hope for an attack, it would have occurred at St. John’s church this morning.

    Michael on 20 Jan 2009 at 10:03 am
  2. I think that these terrorist geese were trained by Obama.

    True American Patriot on 21 Jan 2009 at 3:08 pm
  3. Deer in Oliver can be a serious poeblrm if Cougars decide to visit for meals; personally I have built a fence to keep them out of our yard because the area is part of their natural habitat and I feel obliged to share it with them.Canada geese on the other hand are a damn nuisance and this is not their natural habitat. They have become non-migratory because the pickings are readily available and they do not have a natural predator in the area. Their feces, once dried become a respiratory threat and when passed in the water become a very serious threat to young children and adults who may swallow water when swimming. There is a documented case of a Summerland boy who became critically ill after swimming (I believe) in Tuc el Nuit Lake.

    Paul on 13 Nov 2015 at 10:46 pm

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