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TicketFeeder.com launches state of the art seating technology

George Lucas Ticketfeeder.com has launched cutting edge ‘Take a Seat’ stadium seating technology. In the past fans would have only a vague idea of where they were sitting, but now they can chart exactly where they will be seating. This new technology like google maps sadly can be dangerous in put in the wrong hands and we’re here to think worse case scenarios.

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A retards guide to video sites

Video sites Every other teenager with a Macintosh computer has turned into a video production idiot. So what happens to the millions of videos that are created by the millions of retards? With so many people making videos and nearly every person being some sort of attention whore it’s impossible for just one over-hyped website to be popular. Enjoy a quick walkthrough of the more popular and well known video sites along with some statistics that aren’t commonly known.

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English language costs me money

English language costs me moneyThe English language is strange. English is actually a West Germanic language that originated in England. That’s not as strange as parts of the language though. Just a few months ago I overheard a conversation where someone was being goofed on without knowing it… Continue Reading »

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