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The dance battle has begun

The dance battle has begunThere are several different styles of dancing but it’s quite obvious that there can only be one best version. Take a minute and read on to learn the best type of dancing, what’s in and what’s out and what’s just retarded. Continue Reading »

What eye makeup is right for a man?

Mens Guide to Eye Makeup Sadly, eye-makeup isn’t just for women and weird uncles who never marry anymore. Here is a retard’s guide to mascara for men.

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New Lego train: Emerald Night 10194

10194 Lego TrainLego revealed it’s latest Lego train the Emerald Night 10194 and it’s arguably their best ever. Continue Reading »

The most beautiful plain text email ever

The most beautiful plain text email everSpam. I’m tired of spam. I like phishing attempts because I find it a challene to outsmart the person attempting to outsmart me. Of course, sometimes love is just one spam message away… Continue Reading »

Super Bowl XXXLIII All Pro Prostitutes

All Pro Superbowl There was plenty of scoring in Tampa that wasn’t inside Raymond James Stadium. Here are some of the all star performers arrested during Super Bowl XLIII courtesy of the Tampa Police Department.

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Top 10 signs Michael Phelps was a stoner

Hollywood Curses The signs were all there, looking back it was obvious that Michael Phelps was not just the world’s greatest swimmer of all time but he was the greatest stoner athlete of all time. Here are the top ten signs we should have known before those pics came out of him over the weekend.

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