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Obama explains away bow to King Abdullah

Obama didnt bow to Kind Abdullah To the untrained eye it may have appeared that Obama had bowed to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia at a G-20 meeting in London. The White House is denying that this was the case and here are some spin possible explanations for what actually happened…

Was Reading from Falling Teleprompter
Obama wasn’t bowing he was simply trying to read from his teleprompter when he met the King and as it fell down he kept eye contact with it.

Retard Factor:

Mistook Noise for Gunfire & Ducked
We all know every klan member and tax-payer doesn’t want to see two terms of Obama change so when he heard a suspicious noise he ducked fearing he would follow in Martin Luther King’s footsteps.

Retard Factor:

Looking for a Penny

Face it, America is broke and we can’t pay for socialized medicine, huge government spending and green energy without saving every penny we see on the ground.

Retard Factor:

Pulled a Muscle and Came up Lame

Obama is the most photogenically fit president ever, and the first to be able to dunk. During a recent basketball game he pulled a hamstring only to come up lame when trying to shake hands with the King.

Retard Factor:

Pulled a Senior Bush and Vomited

George Bush (senior) threw up in Japan as ridiculed for it, Obama had a little throw up and wanted to keep it off camera.

Retard Factor:


Ripped a Massive Fart in Protest to Saudi Arabia

Face it, we need their gas and aren’t going to do anything about Saudi Arabia even if they are funding all of the terrorists. Farting is about the only thing we can do to protest and Obama let the King have it.

Retard Factor:

Was Checking Out Sarkozy’s Massive Junk
Michelle Obama is sort of cute in a skinny Oprah kind of way, but face it Sarkozy’s wife is way hotter – and the guy looks like a toad. The only way the Sarkozy who the president was looking at when the picture was taken landed a hot chick was because of his massive eleven inch French wonder worm.

Retard Factor:

Failed Attempt to Kill Saudi Head of State

Obama said he was going to not focus on Iraq but the source of terrorism, and it comes mostly from Saudi Arabia. Barack and about to kill the King when he was caught on film and had to stop mid karate chop.

Retard Factor:

Pulled a Ford and Just Tripped
President Gerald Ford was actually a very good football player and golfer, but even he just tripped. Obama started to fall and was caught mid Chevy Chase moment by the King.

Retard Factor:

Was Praying for Peace

Obama needs to cut the military to pay for free health care for illegal aliens, and he needs peace in the world to do that. He had stopped to pray for peace just before shaking hands with the King.

Retard Factor:


Judge for yourself was it a bow, a polite handshake to a shorter man or something more sinister.

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

News Category: Political, Retarded



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