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Economic threat level to replace terror level

Presidential Economic Threat AdvisoryWashington, DC — Today the White House unveiled it’s Economic Threat Level replacing the former administration’s infamous Terror Threat Level. Critics hailed the new system which will track the administrations assessment of financial risks to the nation. White House press secretary Robert Gibbs was quoted as saying the shift in policy shows the new administration’s focus on the economy.

Presidential Economic Threat Advisory
Critics slammed the new system claiming Obama is simply creating a policy of officially ignoring terrorism.

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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

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5 Responses to “Economic threat level to replace terror level”

  1. This is my solution to the Economic problem.

    Make all unemployed men under 30 join the army unless they are going to do further Education, (based on the High School grades and opinions of there teachers/lectures), if they have not found work in a 6 month time zone then they should be drafted.
    Also send them for customs duty guarding the Mexico boarder lands and any other requirements of extra security in the US.
    Do not let people do nothing, they must do something for welfare benefits.
    Anyone arrested for a minor crime, again compulsory military service, let the military have them and show them how to discipline them selves.
    Drop different parts of the country back to the pre 1800s periods, no electricity, life was basic.
    On the other hand advance different states to a complete technological society.
    Give out scholarships to those who cannot afford to go to University for Science degrees, then let them pay it back by serving in the armed forces for a fixed term, or the Government, not just officer training.

    I know this idea sounds a little ridiculous but regarding the transport problems of congestion and pollution, make bridleways into cities for people riding horses, Livery houses, horse and coaches , keep the underground subways though.

    Mix the future with the past.

    (Do not forget I am a Retard before you have a go at me)

    mark4176 on 22 Mar 2010 at 5:13 pm
  2. Wow Mark… that’s really impressive. You have some good ideas that make basic sense to me. I like the idea that you have there. In other countries (like France for instance) if you are not continuing education you need to join the military for a limited amount of time.

    Michael on 23 Mar 2010 at 11:30 am
  3. Thank you Michael, its better than doing nothing, they can learn a trade in the Military. They can learn how to discipline themselves too which many youngsters cannot.They do not respect there elders and have life too easy with there violent video games,(I am not a softy either).

    We have to do something soon before society becomes totally uncontrollable.

    I think that millions more are going to suffer and possibly die.

    I am not religious and have made some extremely silly comments on this web site but seriously speaking there’s no special person to make a difference and put mankind back on its path to the future.

    I have a pessimistic outlook on the future.

    Take care


    Mark4176 on 23 Mar 2010 at 2:26 pm
  4. Sort of a “Service Guarantees Citizenship'” kind of thing? I would like to know more.

    Beebo on 10 Sep 2010 at 11:35 am
  5. Wow, I know I am six years too late but I am wowed about the writer knowing what Obama planned to do with the economy all along. I didn’t find out what he was really up to until a couple years later. This writer is well read about politics.

    Stefan on 03 Oct 2016 at 2:42 am

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