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10 worst status messages guaranteed to cost you friends

10 worst status messages Status messages are a little window into your world, telling people hey you aren’t that bad be my friend. Fortunately for you we’ve compiled a list of status messages that will cull the politically correct, overly sensitive and humorless from your friends list….


Hold on, I need two more minutes of alone time with your profile picture.



True love is bound by no restraining order.


Support gay marriage: it subtracts two men who like to shop, talk and dress nice that I don’t have to compete with for chicks.



Could you please turn the lights up, I have hacked your webcam but the lighting is terrible in your room?

According to Wikipedia I’m dead.



Babysitting my niece, and have quick question – five years old should be ok to watch faces of death right?



You’ll be seeing me on all the news channels soon.


Women are like bananas, they both smell terrible when you peel their skin off and leave them lying around.


Needs to know how to get blood stains and DNA evidence out of carpet ASAP


Now that Obama is elected can I quit being nice to black people I don’t like?


Anyone else having at least six month allergic reaction to laundry detergent on their private parts?


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Posted By: Jerome Aronson

News Category: Retarded, Tips & Tricks



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